INTERVIEW: Madeline Rosene

Hello Madeline Rosene, we are so happy to interview you for our publication.  Thank you for taking the time. How would you describe your particular genre of music?

I call it indie pop-n-roll. 

Any studio or songwriting rituals that help you feel your best when recording?

When I’m recording, I don’t like to have a lot of people around. I only like to have people around who make me feel good about myself like Dante Juhkel @dantejuhkel and Justin Lund @iamjustinlund. They’re amazing human beings. I am a perfectionist in the studio for sure and I will do something a million times until I like it if I have to. Matcha lattes help. I like to record in the morning and mid day. A lot of people book 12 hour blocks and can record at 3AM… but I’m pretty useless after six hours. I like to go hard but not at odd hours of the night and not for 12 hours. I guess that’s pretty Un-rock-n-roll of me… but I don’t care. This bitch needs her sleep.

How do you keep your vocals in tip top condition? 

@dantejuhkel is really good at helping me with warmups. I get a lot of sleep (see above) and I try not to yell at stupid people (as much as I’d like to). 

We see that you are also an accomplished writer and brand ambassador, tell us more!

Writing comes really naturally to me. I have a journalism degree and I’ve been writing and editing for quite a while now. I like to describe things—- events, situations, stories. I think that’s why I like to write songs as well. For me, it all comes back to telling stories and setting a mood.

People want to be entertained and they want to know what happened…and I like to tell them. My songwriting is descriptive in a sense. I like to use abstract ideas but also bring in a lot of physical and literal detail in my lyrics to bring the listeners back to earth. I think that’s why people (all seven of my fans) like my lyrics. 

How do you stay centered while living the hectic life of a singer/ songwriter in LA?

I don’t. Every day is different. If I wanted to be centered, I guess I would move to Ohio or somewhere actually closer to the center of the United States. 

Who have been your biggest musical influences?

Alanis Morissette, Elliott Smith, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Modest Mouse, Liz Phair, and Jewel. I dig 1920s and 30s Jazz. I like a lot of new music too. I love Zhu, Billie Eilish, etc… 

When you aren’t performer or recording music, what do you like to do with your free time?

Spend time with my dog, Crouton, write music, eat copious amounts of sushi, and stay up to date with the news. 

Any big surprises in store for 2020?

Yeah, my album, Raised on Porn, will be our January 1st.

Where can we find you on social Media?

@madelinerosene Instagram

@madeline_rosene twitter

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