Augmented Reality: Something New To Use

Augmented reality does not lag behind in development from virtual reality. And vivid confirmation of this are new startups that use AR technology.

Board Games with Friends – with AR Effect

Tilt Five company makes a real breakthrough in board games. Nothing to tell, that kind of hobby is appreciated much both by teens and adults. It is perfect to gather friends round the table to play, to communicate and to have fun. But what if your friends are far away? Then take a virtual board and welcome them to play! It is connected to any type of electronic gadget be it PC or laptop or even your tablet. It is needed to be connected to the global network to play.

Today it has single classic game – players move their figures on the board while acting and every move is displayed in a colourful way. The board itself shows each player whose turn it is and which team what merits get, and colourfully visualizes the result and winners. And you can see a holographic image with real-time moves on it using special Tilt Five AR glasses of light weight.

The system is still in developing process and today it has no opportunity to support other board games on its platform, but its creators aer quite on their path to get contracts with top-notch game developers to start producing some other virtual analogues of board games. The game kit could be purchased for $ 299, however that price is for the kit of glasses, chips and board. Additional sets will have to be purchased. Tentatively, the Tilt Five system will go on sale in June 2020. Such a start-up opens up new aspects of gaming in general because over time, you can use this technology for the full effect of presence, for example, on new bingo sites 2019 – virtual reality is already being introduced there, why not use augmented!

Travelling and Navigating with AR

Google in the summer showed the augmented reality interface for the “Maps” application. It uses the smartphone’s camera and displays prompts for users — arrows and directions. Now you can try the beta version of the function in the company navigator.

To start augmented reality, you need to click the “Run AR” button. After that, the application gains access to the camera, determines the location using GPS and uses Street View panoramas to increase accuracy. When the location is determined, navigation tips are displayed on the smartphone screen.

For security reasons, the function does not work constantly, so that users do not forget to look around. Now it looks like an addition to traditional navigation maps, allowing you to quickly navigate on the spot.

AR doesn’t rush as rapidly as VR does. But its rise is forecasted in a few years. So let’s use merits of this technology right now to be ready for great breakthrough shortly.

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