Airbrush v/s Traditional Bridal Makeup

In India, brides wear heavy outfits with a lot of zari and stonework on them and the particular bridal makeup becomes more complicated due to the extravagant bridal attire. Unless the makeup is done pretty well, it would make you look pale and bland with the rich wedding attire.

Though you are a pro at doing your makeup, it is best to leave your bridal makeup to professional bridal makeup artists, who can create magic to make brides look all the more gorgeous and stunning for the d-day.

Being a bride-to-be, it is obvious for you to be confused about the type of bridal makeup they want for their wedding day. There are different types of makeup out in the market, claiming to be the best for you and sure to confuse all the more. To make things more complicated, every bridal makeup artist will be offering his/her own opinion in this matter.

For every bride, making the right choice is very crucial and it becomes easier if you get to know the basics thoroughly. Two of the most popular bridal makeup types ruling the market are airbrush bridal makeup and regular or traditional makeup. The techniques are slightly different but both are sure to leave you looking at the best.

What exactly is the difference between airbrush bridal makeup and traditional bridal makeup?

  • In the case of airbrush bridal makeup, experts use an airbrush gun with an air compressor and a special silicone or water-based airbrush foundation. The foundation used is comparatively thinner and bridal makeup artists spray a fine layer of foundation. Airbrush bridal makeup in comparison to traditional bridal makeup is lighter and doesn’t feel heavy on your skin.

  • For traditional bridal makeup, the foundation can be powder, cream, or liquid-based and can be applied using a sponge or foundation brush. Your bridal makeup artist can even use the tip of their fingers to blend the foundation. Traditional bridal makeup is a lot less expensive than airbrush bridal makeup.

  • Airbrush bridal makeup is great at covering your blemishes and wipe out all your imperfections. Being light-weight, airbrush makeup lets your skin breathe sporting a more polished and natural look. Since airbrush makeup involves just a little foundation, you look more natural and your best features get highlighted.

  • Traditional bridal makeup, on the other hand, might look over-the-top if not done by a professional bridal makeup artist. The foundation can cake up as a result of overuse.

  • The end result of airbrush bridal makeup depends largely on the expertise of the bridal makeup artist. A heavy-handed bridal makeup artist can ruin the entire look. Thus, if you are dressing up for any occasion, it is wise to no depend on any amateur airbrush bridal makeup artist.

  • Unlike Airbrush bridal makeup, traditional bridal makeup is not waterproof and might get spoilt while clothing. You will have to keep up with touch-ups all through the evening. However, an efficient traditional bridal makeup artist can make you look radiant and beautiful.

  • Airbrush bridal makeup will not stain your clothing and stay on for a longer time in comparison to traditional bridal makeup. Airbrush makeup is waterproof and does not wash off.

  • Airbrush makeup is not going to dry on your skin until you really want it off. If you cry or sweat or no matter what happens, your face is not going to get rid off the airbrush bridal makeup.

Is airbrush bridal makeup worth it?

Airbrush bridal makeup is beautiful for weddings. From a sheer wash of colors to full coverage, if done right, airbrush bridal makeup looks super natural and flawless giving you a finished look.

Does airbrush makeup cost more?

Prices will vary from city to city, but usually, it depends upon the bridal makeup artist. Overall, if the service is within your budget, airbrush bridal makeup would be worth a trial.

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