TRACK BY TRACK: Only The Righteous’ Severance

Rising Metalcore crew ONLY THE RIGHTEOUS ( drop their explosive debut EP, Severance, this Friday.  The emerging post-hardcore combo will tour later this month, see below for full details. With all of this in mind, we asked the band for an exclusive track by track breakdown of their new EP, Severance:

“Late Nights With Bukowski (

A running theme with our lyrics tends to be that of self-reflection – both on ones own state and the position in which one finds oneself. This perhaps is more obvious here than with any other song on this record; the song is both literal in that it is a synopses of the stream of consciousness experienced when sitting pen in hand to capture lyrics for the track – and an allegory for ones sense of ones own position and state of being … ‘loneliness, red wine and late nights with Bukowski’.

What We Could Have Been (

Songs about relationships ending might be a cliché – but they persist…. not because of the hurt inherent in the words spat – not because we can all relate to being heartsick – and not even because of the catharsis they can bring to the writer – but because an honest enumeration of not only what has happened to you … but ones own culpability in it … is not just a way of seeking forgiveness – but perhaps the best way of not being that person, of not repeating those mistakes.

Her Last Goodbye

‘When a relationship ends you feel all sorts of things – your experience of the world is for a little while different – it’s as though your senses are heightened and your emotional response to all things is extreme’ – these words are an attempt to capture all of that strangeness – to scream that the stories that matter sometimes are not the big ones that impact the world outside, but the little scenes that are played out in houses and flats and bedsits all over the world – and that sometimes ending the story – taking those pictures down  – that can be the first move towards healing. The title of this song is a reference to Mark and James’ previous project – a post hard-core act based out of the north west.

Raise Your Glass

This is the first song we wrote together as a band – and whist the people in the room are now slightly different to the day it was penned, this is a song that stays perhaps important to us – the story it tells of a relationship ending and the rose tinted glasses associated with nostalgia is not at all new… but for me at least, when listening to the song what one really hears is the sound of a new group of friends learning how they will work together – hearing the influences of people that really hadn’t known each other for very long drop into a melting pot of heavy, melodic, pop … and frankly everything that we have respectively been influenced by …  – ‘Raise Your Glass’ isn’t about the song anymore – it’s about this chapter of my life starting with these friends. It’s us finding our feet – not perhaps our most mature work – but a piece that remains honest.

Betrayal (

The music the lads wrote here felt all at once aggressive, saudade and hopeful- my reaction to it led to the adaption of a poem I’d been working on referencing both the inevitable comparisons one makes between oneself and one’s father, and my feelings surrounding the failure of my romantic relationships, of the struggles I’ve had with the relationships with my family – the inevitable line there comparing my sense of myself and my failures within relationships on my eventual death, to my sense of my fathers and his success at his eventual end and the way that one will remember oneself at any given time and the relationships that surround it – remembering both lovers and family as they are fixed in our minds eye – not perhaps as they are or will be.

In June of this year this track became not only different , but all the more poignant to me, a surprise telephone call one morning told me of a brain injury that my father had suffered; about a week into my extended stay at the hospital visiting him we received the first mix of this song from Infinite Audio – listening to this back for the first time was an experience that felt somewhat unreal.”


Check out the band via – and don’t miss them on tour later this month:

ONLY THE RIGHTEOUS Live: November – 28 Leicester, The Shed; 29 Southampton, Suburbia; 30 – Treforest, Green Rooms. December – 1 Manchester, Gullivers.

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