Is hygge still a thing? Why we should declutter in 2020

Hygge is a Danish lifestyle trend that revolves around self-care, wellbeing and feelings of cosy contentment. It’s all about slowing down, enjoying the moment and embracing the simple things in life by being present. Pronounced ‘hue-guh’, hygge has also been described as an ‘art of creating intimacy’ where a moment is incredibly important. It’s not something you can buy, but rather a special feeling which encompasses emotions such as happiness, security, familiarity, comfort, reassurance and simplicity. If you want to be more hygge, follow these tips on decluttering in your home in the new year.

Hygge in the home

Hygge is about keeping things simple, with small acts such as lighting a candle and enjoying a warm cup of coca bringing moments of joy. It’s not about excess or clutter which is why having a good sort out, making the most of off-site self-storage units and getting rid of anything you don’t need can make room for hygge in your life.

The avoidance of hoarding belongings is a very Danish quality. The belief is that a home should be a nest; a tranquil place of relaxation where it’s easy to find peace and recover from daily life. If there are too many things everywhere it can be very difficult to unwind and embrace the smaller moments of hygge. To hygge with friends is often done at home in Denmark. For this reason, the Danes take create care ensuring their property is a reflection of their personality. Essentially, everyone must feel happy and good for hygge to occur and keeping your home organised goes a long way to achieving this.

Top tips for decluttering

If you like the idea of pursuing a simpler lifestyle and enjoying moments rather than constantly buying and holding onto things you probably don’t even need, decluttering could be a great way to clear your mind and lift your spirits in 2020.

Have a good sort out

In true hygge spirit, think about what makes you happy. Look at every single item in your home and ask if it supports your wellbeing – either by function or by ‘heart value’. Sentimental items and belongings that are special to you are sure to bring about different emotions to books you’ve never read that are simply gathering dust. Be firm and throw out, recycle or donate anything that doesn’t match your picture of an ideal life.

Top tip: While it can be hard to get rid of your belongings, think of things having an expiry date. They might have served a purpose at one point in your life, but if they’re no longer of use to you they could be better off in someone else’s home.

Make sure everything has a place

Organisation is part of hygge as it can help with feelings of cosiness and contentment. In contrast, clutter can bring about stress and anxiety. So, when it comes to sorting everything out, try to find a specific place for each of your belongings. If you can’t find a home for a certain item it might not belong in your home anymore.

Limit what you buy

Before you bring anything home, ask yourself if you can live without it. You can certainly survive with less stuff and if the item is not absolutely necessary, it’s best not to clutter your property.

Hygge is a fascinating way of life with 2020 being a great time to declutter.

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