7 Tips to Be a Better Online Gamer

According to the site, Robots, the future of gaming is bright with the reality of immersive and intelligent AI-enabled games drawing nearer. With so many advancements in the video game industry today, and even more possibilities in the future, the world of gaming is much alive and popular. Gone are the days that gamers are treated as pariahs in the classic high school cafeteria setting. Today, skilled gamers are paid a hefty amount for doing what they love. And many dream to reach that status as well. If you’re a noob hoping to become a great online gamer someday, then here are some tips that could help you on that journey.

1.  Invest in Quality Equipment

The equipment you use can make a difference in your performance. Tons of gamers take their equipment seriously by buying controllers, keyboards, and mouse devices that are specifically designed for and targeted toward gamers. Getting an ergonomic mouse or controller can make using it much more comfortable, which contributes to a gamer’s ability to play well. Before purchasing, make sure you get a good grip of the device to see if it fits right into your palm and that your fingers and thumbs can easily reach the buttons.

2.  Learn From the Pros

Like any other field one would want to learn from, it’s best to go to the experts for advice and tips. There are tons of good gamers that post videos or stream. Not only are these content entertaining to watch, they can also be educational for noobs. Through these platforms, you’ll be able to observe how a pro plays, their logic behind the strategies they use, and what they do when approached with a particularly challenging task or level.

3.  Exercise Your Hand and Wrist Muscles

Playing for long periods can really strain the muscles in your hand and wrist. This can affect your performance. I mean, no one wants to be in a particularly difficult part of the game and suddenly feel pain in their hand. So try to regularly exercise these muscles to strengthen them.

4.  Have Stretch Breaks

Playing video games for several hours long means you’ll be in a seated position for a long time, which eventually leads to back problems. If you are expected to sit at a desk for the majority of the day, be it for an office job or playing video games on your desktop, you should sneak in a couple of stretch breaks in between. People don’t realize how much discomfort can affect one’s productivity and quality of performance. So it’s best that you take a couple of minutes every half hour or so to stretch a bit before resuming your game.

5.  Join and Learn from a Team

Gamers often play with others on the same level as them or below since playing with someone of greater expertise can be quite intimidating. However, when you play with people much more skilled than you, you get to learn a lot. You pick up on how they approach certain situations and the techniques and strategies you would have never thought of when faced with the same thing. When you join a team, you can learn from the more experienced players while also imparting some knowledge to those less experienced than you. And who knows, maybe the more experienced players on your team can also learn something from you.

6.  Take Breaks When Frustrated

Gaming can become really intense at times. And sometimes, it is unavoidable for emotions to get high and for curses to be thrown around in both a fit of panic and frustration. But before you blow a fuse, take a deep breath and walk away.

We’ve all been there, with that level we can’t surpass or that boss we can’t defeat. But your performance won’t improve the angrier you get. In fact, it will most likely decline when you get even more frustrated. This is exactly why you should take a break when you start to feel frustration directed at the game.

Nothing will happen if you just repeatedly do the same tactics and approaches that have failed prior. But, you won’t be able to come up with new strategies if smoke is coming out of your ears. Clear your mind. Take a step back. Go to the bathroom, stretch, have a quick bite to eat, or even take a short walk. Do something that would help calm you down so you can go back to your game with renewed energy. This way, you’ll be able to think more clearly and hopefully figure out a way to get past that hurdle.

7.  Handle Defeat with Grace

As it goes with all games, you win some and you lose some. And quite frankly, you lose a lot. Yes, it can get rather frustrating to be met with loss after loss, but remember, that’s all part of the process. A lot of people who have shown initial interest in gaming have found themselves throwing in the towel because they were constantly faced with defeat.

Gaming requires mental fortitude. You have to learn how to handle defeat with grace. No one becomes a pro overnight. Every good gamer has had their fair share of losses. But what’s different with these pros and those that have given up too soon on gaming is that the pros were able to accept defeat, identify what areas they needed to improve on, and diligently practiced to face their next defeat. They saw their losses as opportunities to learn and improve rather than as deadends.

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