4 Vaping Goof-ups you are not allowed as a Beginner on Blazed Vapes

Beginning vapers often run into a lot of unforeseen troubles that can spoil their zen vaping experience. You can avoid most of them by understanding the common mistakes made, read to know.

Just started navigating the world of vaping possibilities? You may be in for a slew of goof-ups, some small and some very big! 

Neophytes in the vape game often fail to pick appropriate nicotine proportions, end up duped into buying high-end products that they can’t be comfortable using at the initial level, burn up the fine filaments of the coil head incurring repair costs, go wrong with mixing e-liquid flavors, does this list ever end?

If you are not keen on learning from your own mistakes, take a cue from the following Blazed Vapes vaping disclaimers curated from surveying a myriad of vape enthusiasts: 

Expensive High-End Vapes are not always Beginner-friendly

Inexperienced vapers high on just a few satisfying vaping stints get all charged up to invest big on advanced devices all the time, but you are advised to hold your horses there! Super expensive, high-end devices can bring you little joy when you are not fully acclimatized to vaping, whether you are a beginner or have just freshly switched from smoking to vapes. 

Go for compact and handy, automatic-draw activated, easy to use devices instead. You should be looking for simple coil changers, a draw which is more akin to cigarette and one which delivers measured hits to the throat. Pod systems, beyond doubt, are the most recommended type of vaping devices for beginners. 

Hitting a Non-Compatible Nicotine Level with Your Choice of E-juice

This is more important in relevance to those picking up vapes in a struggle to switch from traditional cigarettes. You can’t make the transformation work by choosing an abysmally low level of nicotine at the initial period of the switching! 

Unless you are letting yourself have a satisfactory dose of nicotine fixes, withdrawal symptoms will kick in. Therefore, choose a nicotine level that replicates your existing habit of traditional cigarettes and from there, slowly work towards reducing the levels if you want. 

If your e-juice fails to deliver the perfect nicotine hit to the throat, consider balancing the effects with ‘nicotine salts’.

Cocktailing with the Wrong Kind of Flavors

The idea of making a cocktail with your e-liquids is compelling but can you pull off the mixology well, without sufficient first-hand knowledge and experience? As it often happens with a newbie in the game, when am e-liquid cartridge being used currently hits bottom levels, it is quickly filled up from another in stock, sometimes of a different flavor. And that’s when the mix can go weird!

Some flavors complement one another like rum and coke, while some don’t, like menthol with Blazed Vape’s Donut Strawberry Frosted flavor. Identify the potential of different flavors before going all out with the mixing!

Dehydrating Yourself without Enough Water Intake

Remember, Propylene glycol found in most e-liquids has a chance of seriously dehydrating you if enough water intake is not confirmed. The only simple solution to balance out the dehydrating effects of smoking e-liquids is to drink 2-4 liters of fluids a day. 

Also, take measures not to burn out the coils before time and always carry the vape in a bag or pouch to stay fire-safe. 

Now, vape like an adult you all!

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