“Mommy, What Sport Should I Play?” How to Help Your Kid Decide

When it comes to parenting, there is no generic handbook to guide us. Though we all try to do our best, it’s easy to worry about each and every decision we make when it comes to raising our kids into responsible, well-adjusted human beings.

This includes answering complicated questions such as “Mommy, what sport should I play?” However, with a little bit of patience, research, and reflection, you’ll find the answers come quite easily.

What Sport Should I Play?

When your child asks you that question, they expect you to have the answer. After all, you’re the Mom, you have the answer to everything!

But when it comes to choosing sports or after school activities, you really have to consider who your child is as an individual. Keep reading for an in-depth look at making the right choice.

  1. What Are Their Strengths?

Evaluating your child’s strengths will help you answer them when they ask “what sport should I play?”

Take a look at their natural talents. Regardless of how young they are, they should already be developing physical and mental characteristics that may benefit them on a field, court, pool, or ice rink.

Here are some things to look at:

  • Physical strength

  • Speed

  • Explosiveness

  • Agility

  • Coordination

  • Performance under pressure

  1. What Are Their Weaknesses?

While you’re looking at strengths, you also need to evaluate your child’s weaknesses. It may be difficult to look at your kid with the purpose of highlighting where they’re weak, but doing so could save them a lot of physical and emotional pain. Keeping them out of a sport where they’d struggle is key to them sticking to it and shining.

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they physically weak?

  • Are they slow?

  • Do they have poor endurance?

  • Do they have poor coordination?

  • Do they lack athleticism?

  1. What Are Their Interests?

Next, while it’s important to push your children out of their comfort zone, you need to make sure you’re placing them in a sport they’ll actually enjoy.

When your child asks “what sport should I play?” your response should be based primarily on their interests. Too many parents push their kids to play inappropriate sports based on what they did as a kid or their own ambitions.

Remember, your child is the one who has to go to all the practices, play in all the games, and experiences the highs and lows of victories and losses.

  1. How Are They Built?

Another thing to consider when helping your child choose a sport is how they’re built. While this can easily fall into the strengths and weaknesses columns, it also transcends them.

The way your child is built may hint at the hidden talents and skills they’ve yet to unlock. Some kids are built as ideal basketball players, while others are ideal football linebackers. The key is being able to foresee the potential in your child’s physical characteristics.

  1. What Kind of Personality Do They Have?

Finally, when your child asks “what sport should I play?” take their personality into account. Not every kid belongs in a team sport. Some children excel on their own in sports like cross country, track, tennis, or golf.

Alternatively, some kids are born leaders who would thrive in a team environment. However, it’s not bad or uncommon for parents to use team sports to break children out of their shell. Team sports can help kids who suffer from shyness, insecurities, or fear of being in public.

Looking for More Advice?

“Mommy, what sport should I play?” is just one of many difficult questions you’re going to be asked as a parent. Fortunately, there are tons of resources out there for parents looking for answers and assistance.

Take a look at the rest of our articles for more useful information and advice!

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