How to Pick Perfect Engagement Rings That Symbolize Your Relationship

Buying an engagement ring is the biggest purchases you’ll ever make — you want to make sure you’re doing it right. Learn how to pick engagement rings here.

Are you about to propose? You can’t do it without buying an engagement ring!

However, figuring out how to pick engagement rings can seem daunting or confusing. They’re big investments, after all, and you don’t want to screw it up by rushing your decision.

Fortunately, we’ve got a guide here to help you out. Read our tips below to learn how to buy an engagement ring:

  1. Set Your Budget

Don’t buy into the old tradition that states an engagement ring should cost 2-months’ worth of a man’s salary. This saying was a marketing ploy back in the 1940s so people could rip off soldiers coming home from the war.

Set your budget according to what you know you can afford. Sure, you’ll want to buy the best ring available but there’s no reason to get into debt for it.

  1. Pick a Gemstone

Diamonds are the most common choice when it comes to gemstones and for good reasons. Diamonds are among the most precious stones in the world. Prioritizing diamonds increases the price of the engagement ring but they will last for centuries.

Not sure how to pick the right diamond? Look into the four C’s: carat, color, cut, and clarity.

However, if you’re tight on a budget, you can turn to a few alternatives. You can go for cubic zirconia diamonds, for example. They’re more affordable but they discolor quickly.

  1. Pick a Metal Type

Do you want the ring band to be yellow gold, white gold, or platinum? Do you want a unique kind of metal for the ring band? You also need to consider the shape, design, and how the gemstone sits on it.

If you’re going for traditional gold, don’t go for anything lower than 14k gold. Anything below that standard contains too many other alloys and won’t carry a high value in the market.

Looking for vintage engagement rings? You’ll want traditional yellow gold. If you want something chic, white gold or rose gold are better options.

  1. Know Her Size

The hardest part of learning how to pick engagement rings is getting the right size. You can’t rely on a simple chart online — many jewelers put up charts but they’re rarely consistent. A size 6 on one site might not match a size 6 on others.

The better technique is to measure her ring finger yourself. Get a piece of string, wrap it once around her finger, and then cut it to remove the excess string. Measure the length of the string you now have to get her exact measurements.

Do you want to surprise her? If you do, you can’t perform the string technique since your loved one might get suspicious and figure it out. Instead, look at the other rings she owns and use those as a basis.

Learn How to Pick Engagement Rings!

Figuring out how to pick engagement rings, from a general good looking one to shopping for a diamond eternity ring is not as difficult as some assume. These tips should help you stay on the right track. In no time, you’ll have the ideal ring that looks great and still fits your budget.

But why stop here? You can read more of our articles to learn more useful tips and tricks. We offer a plethora of guides to help you out!

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