How Can Musicians Market Themselves Online?

Are you a musician? Do you want to reach your huge fan base? Do you think doing concerts or releasing albums without marketing is enough? You are wrong! Every year millions of records are sold out by thousands of music bands. Do you think it’s easy to capture users’ attention when the content is unlimited out there? Undeniably, the audience for music bands is growing at a faster pace. You can experience fierce competition out there as there are already a lot of musical groups rivaling for people’s attention. If you are a musician, marketing is essential for you to get your name out there.

Being a musician, you probably won’t have enough time or experience to market your music brand efficiently. You need consistency and vast knowledge of the marketing world. Fortunately, white hat SEO agencies such as Brig Agency are increasingly reaching out to musicians to make their music reach a broader audience.

Successfully marketing your music requires you to promote your product aggressively since competition is tight. You need to be strategic in your marketing. Below are some ways musicians can market themselves online.

Create a Website

If you want to be a brand, then you need to showcase your talent. At the present time, it’s essential to be on the internet. A website is the best way to say a lot without saying much. A website will allow you to effectively communicate with your audience. Being a musician, it’s advised to upload sounds, videos, gear, and contact information.

On the website you can provide your best songs or latest releases. Similarly, you can upload videos of your successful live performances, video tutorials, along with information of equipment you have used. Moreover, tell about your music style, and share contact information. The main aim is to engage the audience. Contact information is necessary to let people reach you directly through the website.

Make Better Use of Social Media

People are seemingly nowhere but on social media platforms nowadays. Almost every single person has a social media account on popular platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So why not target your audience there? You need to make efforts to build an audience there, and that’s possible with engagement. You need to engage your fans on these platforms.

You can upload a premier track on Facebook and can hit a broader audience by making the music track go viral across various channels.

Here’s a list of social media platforms where you can find your audience.

  • Facebook – 2.45 billion monthly active users

  • YouTube– 2 billion monthly active users

  • Instagram – 1 billion people use Instagram every month

  • ly –500 million monthly active users

  • LinkedIn – 467 million users

  • Tumblr –400 million monthly active users

  • Pinterest –332 million monthly active users

  • Twitter – 330 million monthly active users

  • Snapchat – 310 million monthly active users

  • SoundCloud – 175 million monthly listeners

  • Google+ – 111 million active users

  • Spotify – 50 million paid users (over 30 million tracks)

  • fm – 44 million users (over 12 million tracks)

  • Periscope – 10 million active users

  • ReverbNation – 3.8 million users

  • Twitmusic – Over 50,000 registered artists

Promotional Gifts for Your Fans

The best way to promote your music brand is to lure the audience to your music. This is possible with giving away. Yes, you can give away promotional items on a daily or weekly basis. Products can be print t-shirts or caps with your brand’s name or logo. Maybe you can print the lyrics on sweatshirts, and much more. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination!

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