All you need to know about Cappadocia

Cappadocia is mainly the mountain area usually located in the center of Anatolia that is huge mountain planes. It is a commonly magical land called by residents of Cappadocia. While traveling to turkey, you must visit the place known as Cappadocia. By staying in this place, you can visit the amazing byzantine carved, complexes of subterranean and cave churches. You will become surprised to see that thousands of humans are residents here.

Main activities:

A balloon championship at the global level has been won by people of Cappadocia. You will see that most of the group developed the ride of air balloon instead of topography that is spectacular. In the effect of shunning sine, most of the tourist float in sound way over the villages at night time and endless caves helps to pocket the canyons. Later in some places, you should buy beautiful dating back having exquisite pottery to the Hittites.

Dance party:

You should visit the whirling dervishes, here you will enjoy the mystical and authentic performance arranging by residents of Cappadocia. Residents of Cappadocia arrange the Dance party by six dervishes into the area of trance for the enjoyment or refreshment of the tourist.

Cappadocia tour guidelines:

There are following travel tips are managed by the company of the Cappadocia tour.

  • Travel book are made by the company for tourists to see the famous places and routes. This book available in every place of Cappadocia shops. These books easily buy by saying the book name such as “tourism guidelines and famous places in Cappadocia”.

  • The second book is also introduced by the company known as “road map in detail”. If you are a self-driver for your family tour, you should buy that book. You should check the road map thoroughly before starting a Cappadocia tour.

  • The company also suggested clothes for women. Shorts skirts and tight clothing are mostly suggested by Tour Company in Cappadocia. Because you know very well that you are planning to visit mountain areas, therefore avoid wearing long shirts. It causes various issues during hiking, climbing, and mountings. Short shirts cause no issue to women during traveling or visiting in hilly areas.

  • Always pick up lotion for sun phobia, the hat that saves you from the sun. Always choose shoes that are comfortable.

  • Do not use chapels and saddles during the whole trip.

  • Prepare your mind before visiting the Cappadocia region that during the whole tour, you should spend much more time in this place than other places.

Tour places:

Tourism Company of Cappadocia has suggested the places beautiful places for tourist people are given below. These attractive places in Cappadocia are six in number.

  • One of the top famous tourist places in Cappadocia is Goreme. Goreme is founded as the largest museum. It has all the history of Cappadocia. It tells the background of culture, food, lifestyles of Cappadocia’s residents. You will become excited by know how much old was the Cappadocia and how much variation come with the passage of time. The wall of the museum is well decorated and well paints. Beautiful curves present in the walls of the museum to show the signs of frescoes.

  • The second top attractive place of Cappadocia is cities that are built underground. The residents of this city have an eight-story underground. Stores and portions are made up of stones called volcanic tufa. Kaymakli and Derinkuyu have the most interesting underground stores. They have churches, homes, stables, and cellars underground. These places become an essential tourist spot. It is a unique feature appear all over the world.

  • The third most famous places are Zelve and Pasabag. It is a famous place it is usually a shooting place for actors and newly couples. Here, all building is converted to the large dramatic landscape. No churches will be found in this place.

  • Fourth most tourist place is Uchisar Fortress. The main feature of this fortress is that is built by a human in different designing walls and has 60 meters in length.

  • A fifth most important historical and attractive place for tourist is balloon ride in hot air. At this place riding at the top feet to see various landscaping at the bottom.

  • Sixth one is the center of handcraft at Avanos. It is cover a small area and famous due to carpet and pottery. You should tour the carpet factory to see the opinion of the weavers doing the job. You will also notice the cocooning of the silkworm. Most of the people there buy beautiful carpets and rugs to ship home. But the carpet is so softly, most of the people are unable to buy the carpet of having a design mouse pad.

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