9 Simple and Effective Ways to Boost Workplace Morale

Did you know that 79% of employees who quit their jobs say that they do so because they felt like they weren’t appreciated enough?

Employees who feel unappreciated, lack motivation, struggle to deal with their workloads, or who don’t get along with their bosses can cost your business a lot of money, due to unproductivity.

Discover the nine simple but effective things you can do to boost your workplace morale and have employees who are more engaged with their work.

What is Employee Morale?

Employee or staff morale is essentially the overall outlook, attitude, satisfaction, and confidence that your employees feel while they’re at work and also how they feel about work when they aren’t there.

Your employees spend a big chunk of their time at work or thinking about work, so it is important that they view it in a positive light. Your work environment, your employee’s experience with the work culture, and whether your employee’s career and vocational needs are being met can all contribute to overall morale in the workplace.

Morale is a psychological aspect of how your employees think and feel about work. However, there are a lot of things you can do to ensure that their working environment contributes to positive morale experienced by your employees.

9 Ways to Boost Work Morale

You can’t change the way your employees think or feel, but you can implement effective strategies and add in physical aspects that can help make your employee’s days at work easier.

For example, ensuring that your managers have relevant training can help your employees develop a better relationship with their co-workers. This is one way you can boost morale in your workplace. Check out these other 9 ways you can boost morale at your work.

  1. Buy Gifts or Incentive Presents

Small gestures such as buying gifts or incentive presents can help to boost your team’s morale.

These little gifts won’t be able to instantly change the morale at your work, but it can be a good way to show your employees that you value them and appreciate them.

You could buy presents for special occasions, such as Christmas or Labor Day. There is a range of great gift ideas that you can get for your employees to help them enjoy Labor Day. Such as a fabric bottle cooler or a coffee sleeve, read more of this article to find more inspiration.

  1. Offer Clear Communication

Another way you can boost morale is by offering your employees clear communication and being transparent about your business.

If you are making big changes in the company make sure you tell all your employees and see if they’re concerned or have any questions about it. Leaving your employees in the dark about major issues can lead to mistrust.

  1. Praise Your Employees

When your employees do a good job or impress you, make sure you praise them.

Encourage managers to do the same too. Even if it’s just sitting them down and saying well done with that project you did a really good job on it. Praising your employees will show them that you value them in the business and that you know what they are doing.

  1. Encourage Your Employees to Come to You

Employees who know that they can talk to their managers and the CEO are more likely to have positive morale.

Having an open-door policy can help your employees feel like they’ll be listened to. If they have any problems at work, or have family concerns and want to ask you for flexible working options, then encourage them to talk openly and honestly to you.

  1. Create a Good Workplace Culture

Spend time to create a good workplace culture as this can really help to boost morale at work.

Design optional fun activities for your employees to take part in and encourage them to come along and spend time with their colleagues. For example, you might have Friday drinks, a sports team that meets every Wednesday, and an arts and crafts club that meets every Thursday.

  1. Make Your Employees Engage in Teamwork

Having a close-knit team and one who knows how to work together can really help to boost morale.

Make sure you have monthly or quarterly teamwork exercises and activities. These exercises could be anything from problem-solving tasks at your office to off-site activities such as paintballing.

  1. Allow Flexible Working

Encouraging a healthy work-life balance is very important for employees’ morale.

One way you can do this is by allowing your employees to work flexible hours. For example, your employee might need to go to a doctor’s appointment in the morning and asks if they can stay behind at the end of the day for the time they missed. You could also allocate a certain amount of days that your employees can work from home, as this is beneficial for employees who have children.

  1. Offer Training

Another way you can boost morale is by offering training.

Training for educational purposes can ensure your employees do their jobs better. Training can also help them feel more valued as an employee because it shows that you believe in them and are willing to invest in them.

  1. Ask for Regular Feedback

Asking your employees for regular feedback can be a great way for you to find out what is and what isn’t working.

For example, you could ask them to complete monthly surveys that ask questions about their overall work satisfaction. The survey could also include a suggestion box, so they can offer solutions to some of the problems they encounter daily.

Boost Your Workplace Morale

Morale plays a big part in productivity, employee satisfaction, and employee retention. Boosting morale in your workplace also doesn’t need to be super expensive or complicated. Implement our nine simple and effective tips for boosting your workplace morale now.

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