6 quick and easy commercial cleaning tips

Any individual, on average, spends about 40 plus hours a week at their workplace. With a period this long, orderliness is inevitable. If you ever wonder why, think about how your regular day at the desk looks like.

Do you often find yourself endlessly searching for a single piece of paper that your boss urgently asked for or does your desk smell like last night’s leftovers? Whether this hypothetical scenario made you cringe or was something that you instantly related to, we know that a ship-shape office is what you demand. You can make an untidy office a thing of the past. Here are easy peasy tips to help you start:

  • Trash systemizing:

Emptying trash bins and replacing liners is an underrated cleaning aspect. Failing to clear them out can bring an unpleasant stink that is swift enough to become your office’s atmosphere. Depending on the placement of the skip bin hire and the number of employees who utilize it, you should arrange to evacuate the garbage and replace the liner.

For instance, the bins in the restrooms and kitchen should be emptied daily, while the ones used to can regular paper waste should be cleared when brimmed.

  • Toilet Sanitation:

An unhygienic toilet is a hub for the spreading of germs and bacteria. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, an unsullied washroom is a requisite for both. Everyday cleaning with the right disinfectants will avert the possibility of odors and stains.

To combat dispersion of germs from the roots, ensure to sanitize other sections of the restroom like doorknobs, basin, and taps as well. Keeping the area well-equipped with soaps and tissues will imprint to your employees that restroom cleanness is your topmost priority.

  • Occasional deep cleaning:

Though most workplaces focus on keeping the visible segments spotless, the obvious ones often go ignored. If you look around your office, you are bound to witness that most of the dust is not accumulated on your keyboards but on the carpets and comfortable sofas. To prevent the dust, soil, tarnish or footprint build-up, opting for commercial carpet cleaning services is a no-brainer.

If you are apprehensive about the extravagance commercial carpet cleaning might bring, you can save on the outlay by investing in a good quality commercial vacuum. Still skeptical about the purchase? Remember that taking pertinent care of your carpets, seating, and tiles will extend their lifespan thus saving you from exorbitant replacement costs in the future.

  • Delegate the mission:

Like every workplace has a hierarchy and an amalgamation of departments for faultless working; a sparkling office is group effort too. You can certainly hire janitorial and commercial cleaning services for meeting the sanitary norms. But unorganized employees can undo the good cleaning services can bring.

Encourage your employees to keep their file cabinets and desks neat. Ensure that their paperwork is filed in time to avoid the unnecessary mess. Buoy up your workers to adorn their work stations with frames or desk décor. This will keep them motivated enough to maintain it.

  • Make a checklist:

Once the routine for cleanliness is set into place, the next big step is following it. It is easy to lose track of things once the craze fades and commercial cleaning is no different. To ensure that the undertaking of tidying of the workplace is adhered to diligently, a concoction of a to-do list is an obligation.

The first step to sticking by the goal is listing all the chores that fall under the commercial cleaning category; for example, dusting, window washing, carpet cleaning, etc. With each task, mention the frequency or the date on which the task needs to be performed. Leave a column to tick off the job on completion.

  • Sterilize recurrently touched surface:

Dr. Charles P Gerba from the University of Arizona found that there are almost 25000 organisms per surface on a phone that is kept in an office. Other studies reveal that conventional desk items like keyboards and headphones contain seven times more germs than the dirtiest toilet seat! If you are currently sitting at your desk while reading this, beware!

You are prone to bacterial infections if sanitization hasn’t been your office’s precedence. Apt commercial cleaning services should include regular cleaning of headphones, keyboards, coffee stations, water fountains, light switches at every desk, a photocopier or any other area that is frequently accessed by the working staff. Install sanitizer disposer outside break rooms or place a bottle on every employee’s desk for unparalleled hygiene.

We understand that maintaining an idyllic office can be arduous. But pristine offices that scream gusto come at a price. The one to be paid here is dedication and hard work.

Under no circumstance, you can close your eyes to commercial cleaning. There is a reason why professional commercial cleaning services exist. If managing things on your own is becoming nothing less than a daunting task, availing of proficient services can be a reliable fix.

Pervasive running of an entity calls for a happy and healthy environment that feels positive to work in. It is not an unknown fact that an uncluttered office is a synonym for a productive mind. Furthermore, a spick and span workplace will aid you to create an impression that you are at the top of your game.

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