Yes You Can! 4 Graphic Design Basics Anyone Can Master

With the wide access to website and smartphone design apps, spicing up your social media or website is easier than ever. You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to add a little design flair to your posts.

However, because these apps are so easy to use, it’s also easy to create designs that can be distracting. The wrong design can take away from your content or cause people to scroll past your latest Instagram post.

To use design apps effectively, check out these four graphic design basics that anyone can master.

1. All About That Space

Sometimes, excellent design means less is more. White space is a critical element of design when planning the layout of your graphic.

A design can have too much going on if you fill every bit of white with a graphic element. Using white space can more effectively enhance the text or image within your graphic.

Remember, white space doesn’t always have to be “white.” Whatever the color of your background, let it help direct the viewer’s attention to the main idea of your graphic. Reduce the temptation to clutter your design with distracting textures or other design elements.

2. Keep Colors Complementary

When planning your design, you’ll find that some colors just don’t go well together. You don’t need to be an expert, but learning a little about color theory can help you choose the best colors to either go with or contrast well with your design palette.

When using an image in your graphic, you can generate your design color palette from image colors. Use background and font colors that work well with your primary image.

3. Use Feel-Good Fonts

Fonts can get your design into trouble—fast. Many design apps provide plenty of fonts to choose from, but not every font is a good idea to fit with your design. Choose a font style that complements the style of your design.

Your design will also benefit from using only a primary font with a secondary font—again, less is more. Don’t use a different font for every word or phrase in a simple social media post or website element.

4. Benefit From Balance

Find the balance within your graphic to make it more pleasing to the eye.

  • Symmetrical design is even on both sides, either top to bottom or left to right. Everything is set based on a line down the center of your graphic.
  • Asymmetrical design uses contrast, scale, and color to establish flow in design. You might find the primary graphic element to the right or left, but other elements help balance the overall effect.

There’s no right or wrong to the type of balance you choose, but make sure you choose one for your graphic and stick with it!

Keep it Simple With Design Basics

Most social media posts or website designs don’t require complicated design elements. Keep it simple while making your posts engaging using design basics for your graphics.

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