What to consider when choosing a car GPS


We all know now how important it can be a good GPS when you hit the road no matter if it’s a short or a long drive, having one will improve your safety and give you the confidence that you can go wherever you wish with no stress. This is where xRoadGPS can be of use.

What are the important things to know before buying one?

Well, this is a good question because knowing from advance what we need, what budged we have available and what we can get with the money are useful things.

Setting up a budget

So if your car does not have an in-built unit or if the one you have needs serious upgrades it is wise to choose a budget range for the acquisition of a new gadget like this.

Having a price range already can help you make an idea of what kind of Truck GPS you can start to search for instance if the budget is not a problem you can look for an integrated unit will all the latest functions integrated.

If the budget is modest you will have to settle with a standalone device with maybe not as many features integrated and if so it is important to know what would be more important to have.

Deciding between an Integrated GPS unit and a standalone device

Integrated GPS units will be more expensive but will come with many other options and will have an elegant and sleek design.

This is not the only way you can upgrade, another good option could be to upgrade your radio with a navigation head-unit that will include also a GPS among other cool features.

Even considering the idea of purchasing an OEM system is a very good one as all car computers and infotainment systems will include also a GPS.

Standalone GPS devices

          These devices are preferred from the start when the budget is not big because they are quite versatile and thanks to the small size are easy to install and portable.

So having a device that is small, portable, easy to install and detach will allow you to use it in other cars too.

Depending on your budget you can choose a device that will have important basic features only or even cool and useful extra features.

Basic features for GPS devices

        No matter the price or model all GPS must have some basic features that are very important like:

  • audible directions(this is a very important feature because it is liked with your safety on the wheel)

  • quality receiver (not having a good receiver will influence the accuracy of your GPS)

  • automatic routing(this feature is very important especially when unforeseen events appear)

  • screen size a decent screen size is important because it will require less distraction from the road, and also a good resolution has the same purpose

Extra features useful for GPS devices

  • 3D map view

  • Traffic data and alerts

  • voice commands

  • lane assistance

  • interesting places apps

  • MP3 player

  • video player

  • hands-free connection

No matter what kind of GPS you will choose you must also check if it has preloaded maps if the maps are updatable or even available because if you do not have cellphone coverage you will entirely rely on the maps that you have on the device.


I hope all this information will offer a starting point if you are looking for a GPS device and will help you choose and buy a suitable gadget for your car.

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