Top 5 Common Computer Problems That Slow down Production

U.S. businesses lose approximately $1.8 billion every year thanks to outdated technology like old computers.

We rely on our computers to get work done but when computer issues get in the way, our productivity suffers.

Computer malfunctions happen for many reasons such as an outdated operating system or missing files. While restarting the device can often solve minor issues, some computer problems are more complex.

We go over the top five most common reasons computers stop working and how you can fix them.

  1. The Computer Is Slow to Boot

Slow-booting computers top the list of computer problems for most people. Old computers take longer to boot up than newer models but even new computers slow down over time.

Often the problem lies with too many programs trying to run at the same time. Disabling some programs or applications from opening during startup can decrease the time it takes to boot your computer.

  1. Problems with Website Security Certificates

Have you ever received a notification about problems with a website’s security certificate? This issue can happen on any browser and can hurt productivity if there’s no option to bypass the problem.

Sometimes the fix is as simple as resetting your browser to default settings. Other times, you may need to update your computer or adjust your security settings.

  1. The Screen Freezes

Nothing is as frustrating as when your screen freezes up in the middle of work and you can’t get it to work again. Frozen screens are often a result of spyware, corrupt or missing files, or registry conflicts.

You can try to open the Windows task manager and shut your computer down that way. Otherwise, you’ll have to perform a hard reboot. Hold the power button on your computer until it shuts off and then restart the device.

  1. Programs Don’t Work Right

Are your programs or applications not working? If so, the fix may be as simple as restarting your computer or performing a Windows Update. But slow-running programs may also be a sign of insufficient RAM.

If nothing you do seems to fix this annoying computer issue, it’s time to call IT.

Some IT professionals, like this tech company, can even fix the problem without sending a technician out. That way, you’ll save valuable time and can get back to work even faster.

  1. Slow or Dropped Internet

Slow or dropped internet connections can hurt or even halt production. The problem may be with your internet service provider or your DNS server connection. But issues can also stem from your hardware like your computer and router.

Determining the cause of the issue can sometimes take some troubleshooting. If the problem happens often, you may have to contact your ISP or use a tool to look for network connection issues.

Unable to Solve Computer Issues by Yourself? Time to Call Tech Support

Most common computer problems are easy to fix, but you should also know when to let a professional take over. If following these tips hasn’t solved your computer issues, it’s time to call technical support.

The sooner you identify the problem, the sooner you can get production moving again.

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