Tips on how to handle eSports betting sites

As everything related to the fast-growing world of eSports, the gambling field, which revolves around the phenomenon is a highly profitable one. The gambling market of those which bet on eSports is valued somewhere around 1 billion USD already and is rapidly growing a larger and larger fan base. What started as a friendly wager between some crazed fans, has currently gone to an international level. In a natural development of this movement, eSports betting sites have emerged in an impressive number. Navigating through all of them to find the right one, which might bring the expected fortune is not an easy task, especially when risking your own money in the wager. We’ve presented below a couple of tips, issued out of experience and multiple burns.

Get them while they’re hot

We’re talking about the odds and the bets which can be made. The market is at its beginning and the odds compilers still lack sufficient information and statistical data to return efficient odds. Chances are to get the odds to be a bit more in the gambler’s favor, than is the case of decades-old sports, with incomparable more data to go through, as for example, is the case with soccer. The same lack of information makes the less important contests offer the biggest chances at winning, as the odds used are higher, compared to those in major competitions, precisely in order to attract gamblers’ interest towards them.

Enter the human factor

Set a budget, this is not one of those occasions when the Martingale system is set to work. Always doubling the amount wagered, after a bet was lost, until a win takes you on the plus side, does not work here. No game resembles another, there are many subjective and out of your control features to keep in the account. The human factor is bound to mess any scheme up. Even more so, as eSports are predominantly played by youngsters and keeping their emotions in tight check, is not a trait they are famous for.

The value of knowledge

Similar to regular sports betting, you have statistics, favorite teams, superstars who make the difference, teams in form and up for the task and teams which collapse under the pressure. Each game has its specifics and learning about them is essential, as it might mean the difference between a spot-on prediction and a total miss. Also, the event format is important, as for instance a “best of 1” type is more prone to get unexpected outcomes. Closely related to this, it’s an unproven rule that you shouldn’t bet in a match involving your preferred team, as it’s unlikely to see it from an objective point of view.

Find a reliable source of information

Be attentive to other people’s opinions, but always rely on your own instinct and knowledge. The betting community like Toto site (토토사이트) might show you some pointers, but they usually are completely unreliable. The community is not made out of objective professionals, but more likely out of gamblers trying to score some extra money, each having their favorite teams or players and generally presenting their biased thoughts.

On the other hand, there are plenty of so-called specialized websites, which promote themselves as presenting unique inside information and valuable insights from within the teams’ core. Chances are that this is only false advertising, as this type of data isn’t usually available to representatives of obscure sites.


Keeping your head clear and following a few guidelines can make eSports betting an entertaining experience. Also, navigating through eSports betting sites for finding the one perfectly suited is a pleasant experience, if some rules are respected.

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