Recognizing Office Hazards- 8 Safety Measures

An office building that is filled with hundreds of employees and work equipment is a potential place filled with safety hazards that can be eliminated by these 8 safety measures;

  1. Stay Clutter-Free:

The most common accidents caused in an office are due to the clutter around which may lead to tripping hazards as per Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Hence keep the office clean with every file safety stored. The equipment wires need to be routed neatly to prevent any fall.

  1. Keep a Clear Line of Vision:

Workers can collide when making turns in the hallways and around blind corners or cubicle walls. The National Safety Council suggests installing convex mirrors at intersections to help reduce collisions. If workers can see who is coming around the corner, collisions are less likely to occur.

  1. Provide Step Ladders:

To reach higher storage racks, employees may need to step on a chair or a ladder. Using an office chair that has wheels can roll over can cause injury, hence provide a stepladder in the office to climb higher if needed. There are many places where you can find more info on ladder type explained.

  1. Carpet the Floor:

The surface of the office should not be slippery, hence carpet the entire floor to avoid employees from skidding, especially when the surface is wet. Carpeting will ensure to avoid such mishaps which are preferable in such an environment. Moreover, offices are closed space which is air-conditioned hence the dirt accumulation will not be much and if it is, vacuuming can be done to clean it.

  1. Safely Stack Heavy Material:

According to many reports, improper storage of heavy items is one of the cause why injury occurs in the workplace as large items may be stacked which if knocked over can cause major injuries that can easily be avoided by learning to stack things the right way and implementing it.

  1. Set Up Emergency Lighting:

In case of a power outage due to fire or wire burn, the whole office lights will turn off that can cause panic and chaos which can be avoided by installing emergency lighting from so that as soon as the main power fails, the emergency lighting can help people evacuate the building safety, this helps in case of a fire outbreak too.

  1. Provide Ergonomic Furniture:

Most workplace employees complain about back and shoulder pain that can be avoided by buying ergonomic pieces of furniture for the entire office so that the employees can adjust their workspace as per their comfort.

  1. Train Workers on Equipment Usage:

Providing adjustable furniture and top-end equipment is only a first step but if they are not trained on how to use them, then it is a waste of resources and money hence train each and every employee to make them understand how the pieces of equipment work so that they can make full use of it, justifying the amount you have spent of such types of equipment.

Safety starts from you taking care of yourself and when each individual is conscious of the safety measures and steps forward to help in elimination workplace hazards, an office will become the safest place to work.

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