5 Popular Indica Strains of Marijuana in Canada

In today’s day and age, Marijuana & CBD products have been gaining in popularity especially with its legalization in Canada. Recently the publicization of THC & CBD has continually shown to have more and more positive health benefits, especially in Indica strains. If you are new to the world of Marijuana and want to know a little bit more about it, then you’re in the right place.

Here are 5 popular Indica strains in Canada

Earlier this year, ILGM seed bank conducted a study to determine the best Indica strains by having their customers rate & review each strain. Here’s what they came up with.

#1 Skywalker OG

This strain will leave you craving more with its citrusy fruity flavor. Not only is it delicious to the taste, it also can be used to help with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pain. They don’t call it the Skywalker OG  for no reason.. you’ll be feeling the force with this one that’s for sure. People say just a few hits will have you on cloud 9. If you are looking to boost your mood, the Skywalker OG is the way to go.

# 2 is Banana Kush

This golden bud lives up to its appetizing name by giving you a sweet and mellow buzz. This strain is mostly loved by artists because of its strong euphoric effects. It’s known to help open the mind and get your imagination rolling. On the medical side, Banana Kush can also help with nausea, muscle tension, insomnia, and stress.

# 3 Strawberry Kush

This strain is recommended for people new to Marijuana. With its THC content being 15% to 17% with a low level of CBD, it’s high is very mellow. You will mostly experience a head high, but won’t feel the drowsiness or buzz like you do with most Indica strains.. which means If you enjoy to wake and bake Strawberry Kush is your bud.

Actually, this strain has something for everyone, with it being classified as a medicinal strain, its health benefits are worth hearing about. It can help with migraines, nausea, depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD, PTSD, and more. If you thought it couldn’t get better, you thought wrong. This spectacular flower not only smells but tastes exactly like strawberries.

# 4 Girl Scout Cookies

The infamous girl scout cookies, this legendary strain has been around through generations and is only getting better over time. I would recommend waiting until you are in a nice cozy place before smoking this one; as it holds the record for having the most THC In 2019. Its name is no coincidence. This bud will have you hunting down the girl scouts for their cookies.. so be prepared and stock up before hitting this one.

On the plus side of having extreme munchies, this strain can help with eating disorders and depression. So go ahead and snuggle up with a cozy blanket, put on your favorite comedy, make some pizza rolls, and have at it.

# 5 Super Skunk

I know what you’re thinking, super skunk? Doesn’t sound very pleasant right? But don’t let the name fool you; this strain has a wonderfully fruity after taste. Although it does have the Typical “Marijuana” smell, this strain is also high in THC having a content of 20% and a CBD level of 1 or 2.4%.  It’s good for mostly medical use; It will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. I would recommend it for people who have trouble winding down after a long day.

Where is the best place to buy these strains?

So, now that you have a little bit of knowledge on some different Indica strains, your next thought might be, how do I buy it? Some people would tell you to find a local dispensary — but, in my opinion, that’s not the best way. To avoid the awkward looks walking in and out of the pot shop, get with the program and buy it online. I mean it is the 21st century people, we no longer need to leave the comfort of our own homes to get the things we want.

We might as well take advantage of this new age and make life easier for ourselves.  Marijuana is legal and easy to find, buying marijuana at an online dispensary such as Stash Club is good because you basically have an endless variety of different strains right at your fingertips which means you wont need to run around town going store to store trying to find the right bud for you. Not only is it convenient, but it is also way more affordable just like anything else online.

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