10 Tips to Make a Great Video Advertising

  1. Time is attention

The first 5-10 seconds are the most important. Just as 20% of the effort gives 80% of the result, so these 10 seconds will determine whether the user will watch the video to the end or not.

It is worth remembering that the perfect timing of a selling video is 30-120 seconds. No one will watch a long video to the end, and thus, it is unlikely that they will get all the information you wanted to convey to them.

In an ad produced by SolarSity (a company that installs solar panels), the attention of viewers from the first seconds is attracted to an unusual character – the ancient Egyptian god of the Sun. Firstly, it looks impressive – the audience does not expect to see the god Ra in the living room. Secondly, the image of the brand is clearly fixed in the minds of people thanks to a well-chosen association. At this time, another actor unobtrusively talks about the benefits of using solar panels. And while this strategy may seem very intuitive, in practice, it is quite hard to think of the way the final product will be received, only the best video production studios can guarantee the success of a video.

  1. No cliché!

One of the basic principles of the philosophy of a successful selling video is the absence of template phrases. You should be creative in the video and abandon the standard slogans and attractions. The uniqueness of the video will more than pay off at the expense of interested customers.

  1. Demonstration of goods/services in action

The best way to advertise a product or service is to directly show how it will solve the buyer’s problem. For example, an advertisement for a washing machine shows an internal device and describes its properties. In addition, you will then be able to inform the viewer that the miracle machine helps get rid of allergens. Even those viewers who are not allergic to house dust will believe that they also have this problem. How to solve it? Of course, with this device.

  1. “Mobile viewers”

For example, in America, three out of four video viewers watch them on their mobile devices. This figure is constantly increasing. It is worth taking care of them and abandoning the use of small details, small print, a lot of information in the frame.

  1. Interesting plot

Ads are often distinguished by a banal lack of plot, and for 30-120 seconds the viewer listens to boring information about the brand or its products. A video will be significantly more interesting if it is based on a non-trivial plot. A fascinating story will give the viewer a new experience and will be well remembered for a long time.

  1. Division into blocks

Even if the video is short, the video should be divided into several blocks so that the viewer has a couple of seconds to absorb the information received. This can be done using short dynamic screensavers with the brand logo.

  1. Hold on longer

The last few seconds of the video are no less important than the first. It is necessary, in one phrase, to remind the viewer of the main advantages of the product and appeal to their needs, which will force a person to perform a specific action as quickly as possible. For example, “Buy our signature cake in April and you will receive a set of new eclairs for free!”

The picture at the end of the video should provide the viewer with all the necessary information about the product – how and where it can be purchased, where to go for additional information, etc. It is better to hold this text for a few seconds so that it is better imprinted in the mind of the viewer.

At the end of the video of flexible modeling material, there are special offers for customers if they make an order. In addition, there are examples of crafts that a child can do with this material.

  1. Animation

A great idea for creating a selling video would be to use animation. This provides a wider range of tools for implementing intricate stories. Such videos attract more attention and viewers often share them with friends.

  1. Awaken emotions

Almost all of the best advertising video brands have an emotional appeal. Remember, for example, the Budweiser ad for Super Bowl 2014. The creators of the video use a well-known way to evoke emotions in a person: they show cute animals with human feelings.

There are different ways to arouse emotions: to show something very cute or to tell about the difficult path of the main character to their goal.

  1. Be careful in your use of humor

Humor is hard. But jokes do not always come across in their intended way. This is why you need to know your audience. If you ever told a joke that no one laughed at, you have to analyze your mistakes.

Sometimes brands are very unsuccessful at making jokes, and sometimes their humor is perceived with enthusiasm. An example of the latter case is the Kmart brand. In 2013, their ad “Ship my pants” gained 13 million views on YouTube in a week.

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