International Money Transfers

“Rule #1: Never lose money, Rule #2: Never forget Rule #1”- Warren Buffet.

The world has evolved through various stages of money exchange. The world started from trade by barter and then to coin and later papered money and now, bitcoins (blockchains).

Over time, money transfer has evolved from the stage of being a challenge to being a problem-solving entity. With the continuous improvement and developments in financial technologies, everything money is at our fingertips; from its transfers to its carriage, just name it. Money circulates the world more than ever before.

Daily, newer technologies are evolving that reduces risk and loses in money to exchanges. Money is being repackaged to suit world circulations. Buffet’s decision of not losing money is what bothers the minds of most people when making their transfers. Money loss in online transfers could be as broadening as excessive transfer rates, overburdened tax rates and other incognito charges.

The World of Money Transfers

Having money might be the ultimate goal for many yet, ensuring that your money is saved and dispersed through the proper and economically conducive mediums ought to be another point of consideration. The essence of having lots of money is not for it to lay low in the bank but to create limitless possibilities with it. On the long run, “wealth is not about having a lot of money; it’s about having a lot of options”- Chris Rock.

Transfers for Business and Investment Deals

In all of this, money transfer is an asset to wealth acquisition and distribution. We’re left with the choice of what to do with the accumulated wealth. So, the various money transfer modes help in the ease of access to international investment opportunities. Hence, you can invest remotely. “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver”- Ayn Rand.

You’re in control of your money, and you could decide it to invest in various businesses which your presence may not necessarily be required. So, the fastest and most secure means to get funds across to such companies is the international money transfer systems.

Transfers for Family and Friends

Asides international investment opportunities, international money transfer is essential to anyone who works as an expat in terms of reaching out to family and friends. It’s the fastest means of getting funds to your loved ones.

Transfers for Tuition Payments for International Students

Many international students solely rely on the international money transfer system as the means to pay their tuition in educational institutions that are not within their location. Most international schools require that your fees for considerations. So, the fastest methods of these payments are through the various online money transfer systems.

Also, parents and guidance or these international students usually would like to encourage their wards with stipends as a means of maintenance and support. There could also be an emergency support situation that requires urgent transactions. All these transactions are done through international money transfer.

Challenges of International Money Transfers

Money is being transferred daily in various countries all over the world, and individuals use multiple means of money transfer internationally. Among these means are secured and unsecured agencies or financial institutions. Among these tones of transactions are various levels of inconsistencies, fraudulent activities, excessive and overburdening levies, inconsiderate exchange rates, among others.

WorldRemit is the panacea to all these common international online money transfer problems!

WorldRemit- A Better Way to Send Money

WorldRemit UK is a globally recognized international money transfer agency that has been in existence for over 9 years. We’ve more than 9 years of excellence in customer satisfaction due to our anchor values which are; simplicity in transactions, low-cost transactions, fast and consistent transactions, secured and trusted transactions. We’ve got a global team of highly professional financial team-players in 6 continents.

WorldRemit is licensed by financial government regulatory bodies all over the world. We make use of high-tech experts who can provide a high standard and secure mode of verifications for all transactions. We pride our self in our professional excellence.

Due to our constant achievements over the years, we’ve been able to get global recognition and recommendations from top media brands in the world such as; BBC, the Guardian, CNN and the New York Times. Asides individuals that make use of our transfer services, we have also created opportunities for individuals to be partners and affiliates. WorldRemit- the best way to send your money!

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