9 of the Best Home Water Storage Solutions

Around 75% of Americans are worried about an emergency, and yet only 28% stockpile water. It stands to reason that many Americans would have better peace of mind if they were more prepared. Maybe the issue is that they don’t know how to prepare for an emergency, even though they want to.

Well, learning to store water is a great place to start. No matter what you need, there’s a water storage solution that fits the bill. In fact, there are so many options that you could spend hours searching through them all. Zero water filter is one such option that is worth recommending.

Nobody has time for that, so we’ve trimmed the list to simplify things. Here are the 9 best home water storage solutions.

  1. Water Storage Drums

You want emergency water storage, but money is an issue. Well, one of your most cost-efficient options is to go for plastic storage drums. A 55-gallon drum fits the bill without breaking the bank.

The price isn’t the only thing this container has going for it. It’s also a convenient vertical shape, meaning you can store it just about anywhere.

There’s one big issue, though. A full container weighs hundreds of pounds and can be a total pain to transport. Make sure you fill it up at the same place you plan to store it.

  1. Bathtub Water Storage System

Filling your tub before an emergency is a common tip. And for a short-term solution, it’s a fine idea. But when is the last time you actually cleaned your bathtub?

That’s the problem with storing water in your tub. Lingering contaminants can make the water unsafe to drink. However, several bathtub water storage solutions are available.

This type of storage system is a massive plastic bag that sits in your tub. It might seem like an unnecessary addition, but it will keep your water for longer. You don’t want scum and detritus floating around your water supply.

  1. Store-Bought Bottled Water

Yes, plastic water bottles are convenient forms of emergency water storage. You can head out to the store and pick them up before a storm rolls in. They’re a bit heavy to transport and not the most space-efficient, but they’re still a good option.

Just be sure you know that store-bought water isn’t meant for long-term water storage. That flimsy plastic won’t last forever, especially if it’s stored somewhere the heat or light can get to it.

You probably want to rotate water bottles out once a year, or else the plastic chemicals could contaminate the water within.

  1. Swimming Pool

In a pinch, you can use your swimming pool as a large water storage container. Now, this assumes you’ve cared for it correctly. Too many chemicals or too much chlorine can make it unsafe for consumption.

But if you’ve done a good job balancing the water, then your pool’s filtration system will do the rest. Keep in mind the filtration won’t continue running if a disaster shuts off the electricity. That pool water will start going bad before too long, so you’ll want to keep it covered and transfer it to a safer storage vessel.

  1. Inline Water Storage Tank

Nothing beats an inline water storage tank in functionality or convenience. It’s connected to your home’s water system, which means you don’t have to bother with filling or rotating the tank. Every time you use water at your home, the inline tank will rotate a portion of its supply.

Best of all, it kicks itself on when the main water line goes out. Basically, it’s a zero-maintenance option. An inline tank is the best emergency water storage solution, bar none.

  1. Collapsible Water Container

If space is a serious concern, consider a collapsible water container. These plastic vessels flatten down to just a few inches when not in use. This means they’re easy to stack in closets or drawers and forget about until you need them.

When you need them in an emergency, fill them with water and watch them expand. These water storage containers come with a handle and spigot, so they’re very accessible.

Be sure you’re vigilant about drying them out when you’re ready to put them away again. Otherwise, you could have a mold issue during the next emergency.

  1. Stackable Plastic Containers

Stackable water containers only hold a few gallons each. But they’re designed to stack and weave together, minimizing the space they require. These also tend to be more durable than our other options since they’re made to hold a ton of weight.

Although they’re designed for long-term storage, keep in mind that they don’t hold much water individually. You’ll have to fill these up one at a time whenever it’s time to rotate. Plus, buying lots of these is a sizable expense.

  1. Underground Water Tanks

Want a permanent option? Consider an underground water tank or cistern. There’s a pump on the surface which gives you access to the water within.

Why go with an underground storage tank? If you live in an area with severe cold weather, your stored water may freeze. Constant underground temperatures shield your water from subzero concerns.

  1. Water Purification Tablets

Everyone should have some form of water storage method. But it shouldn’t be your only method in case something goes wrong. You can boil water, sure, but that assumes you have access to your utilities during an emergency.

Water purification tablets are a great alternative, able to convert backup water into something safe to consume. Make sure you follow the directions. Most of these tablets take at least an hour to kill off any contaminants.

Always Stay Prepared

You never know when disaster might strike. It’s better to be prepared in case of an emergency, even if the emergency never comes. Stay ahead of the curve with sufficient water storage for you and your family.

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