The Basis Of Remote Car Starter

It’s winter middle and the snow is falling hard. You’re still standing over your car that’s parked outside, and you’re afraid of getting into it. You think to yourself, “If only before I get into it there was a way to heat up my car.” Well, you’re lucky!

Remote Car Starters do just that!

They allow you to start your car remotely so that before you get in, your heater can start warming it up.

How does a Remote Car Starter work?

Remote start systems consist of two key components: a remote transmitter and a control module / radio receiver. The control module is installed in your vehicle, enabling you to push a button on the remote transmitter to start your vehicle remotely.

In colder climates, they are most common. The remote car starter is used to warm the engine and the car before you can get it. Imagine not having to sit in a car that is freezing cold.

In hotter climates, you can also use the more advanced remote car starters to turn on the air-conditioning. In this case, the car is cooler than the weather outside.

So remote car starters work in both scenarios.

After-market v/s pre-installed car starters?

Many new vehicles today have the option to include a factory remote start system, but their range and capabilities are very limited. A remote starter from a manufacturer usually has a range of about 30 feet, which allows you to be pretty close to your vehicle to begin it.

Remote start systems after the market, on the other hand, deliver not only superior range, but other features as well.

You can install a 2-way remote car starter for your car. This type of remotes will provide you with feedback once a particular action has been performed.

One thing to note with after-market remote starters, you need a professional mechanic to help you install them. Some devices are easier to get in place, but its better for a professional to get the job done for you.

If you are keen to buy an after-market remote car starter, read some of the reviews of the best remote car starters.

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