Style Tips on how to Combine a Bracelet with a Watch

Men’s fashion jewelry is not only rings, earrings, and necklaces. If you’re looking for a spot-on accessory to spruce up your look, why not try a bracelet? Resting on your hand, it is destined to attract attention.

Types of Men’s Bracelets

The selection of bracelets for men is as unlimited as it is for women. Long gone are the days when guys had to settle for chain bracelets or leather bracelets because nothing else was available. In this day and age, you can find wrist accessories of any shape, size, style, and material.

Chain bracelets

Men’s silver bracelets assembled from a multitude of small links are a timeless classic. We doubt they will ever go out of fashion. This means that your chain bracelet will always stay relevant. You just need to consider two major things: how it matches your appearance and outfit. If you have thin elegant wrists, a massive solid bracelet is a no go. On the contrary, beefy men will benefit from a burly wrist ornament. If you keep in mind that chain bracelets go well with casual and athleisure outfits and accessorize yourself accordingly, you’ll be totally fine.


These stiff items, also known as cuff bracelets, are a choice of elegant and sophisticated men. Unlike chain bracelets, bangles are a perfect match for a business suit or tuxedo. Low-key cuff bracelets with minimal ornamentation are suitable for every-day outfits, too.

Bead Bracelet

Being all the rage, bead bracelets are found on the wrists of every other fashionista. This style is a breath of fresh air in comparison with conservative metal bracelets. Bead bracelets will complement every ‘relaxed’ look but they are a poor choice for a business environment and red carpets. Since beads are made of literally any known material (stone, metal, bone, wood, plastic, etc.) you can easily find an item that suits your style and budget.


One more sought-after bracelet style features cords, ropes, or stripes of genuine or artificial leather. Today, men choose rather minimalistic bracelets made of a few cords woven into a braid. Such bracelets may additionally feature metal charms or decorative details. Wide leather wrist bells will resonate with rockers, punks, and bikers, although street fashion also attempts to roll out similar eye-catching accessories.

How to Style Bracelets with Watches

To begin with, a set of a bracelet and watch constructed in a similar style and complementing each other will look most appealing. If, for example, your bracelet radiates a casual or country style, opt for a watch with a leather or fabric strap. Some manufacturers offer ready-made sets including wrist accessories that mirror the design of each other. However, isn’t it more fun to unearth original combinations by yourself? If you like to experiment with your style, do it wisely.

Choose metals of the same color

There are no strict rules regarding colors matching but it is best to start with metals of the same hue. A silver bracelet and gold watch, or vice versa, just don’t belong together, especially if you’re going to flaunt them on the same hand. Silver looks more restrained than gold meaning it is suitable in a more formal setting. The question is where you are going to wear your bracelet. A classic office suit is not the best backdrop for a silver chain bracelet, let alone a gold one. But if you are on a vacation, it is a totally different story. When chilling out on a beach, you can complement your style with a gold bracelet of literally any style. Gold looks gorgeous with tanned skin.

Do not give up other accessories

Clearly, you don’t want to overload your image with details but who said you should avoid other accessories if you already wear a bracelet and watch? With extra items, you can shift the focus from your hands to elsewhere. For example, put a necklace around your neck and it will become a focal point of your image.

Don’t Overaccessorize

The line between the lack of jewelry and overabundance is very thin. There are no rules on how many accessories you can use so it is totally up to you and your sense of beauty. Normally, two bracelets on the same hand are just right to remain stylish. One more accessory and your look is at risk of turning into sophomoric, immature, or simply tasteless. To keep a balance between your accessories, we don’t recommend putting on more than 5 items simultaneously (but frankly, 3 items will look just fine). A pendant or a ring in addition to a watch and bracelet will strike the right note.

Wear a watch and bracelet on different hands

You have two hands and you need to take care of each. Don’t pile up bracelets on just one wrist depriving the other one of your attention. This is the rule to follow if both your watch and bracelet are too massive to share the space on your wrist with anything else.

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