CD REVIEW: Sociallusions (EP) by Colorado’s And The Black Feathers

Sociallusions by Colorado’s And The Black Feathers are a four track release that lives up to its title by defining it throughout the content of the music. But the EP pulls no punches when it comes to producing the sound that’s in their head in which they get such great results with very cool songs that play more like there’s eight than only four, which is the mark of any truly great EP of any substance. Luckily, this band have it by the bucket load and bring it to the people the Denver area, where it’s cold but their music only helps.


The talent of Danny Ke stands out as the obvious front man role getting the nailing treatment with an equally heard bunch of excellent musicians behind him, all of which lock together tightly for a live feel to the songs. This isn’t a fluffy band, but they do have lighthearted spirit among their occasionally hard hitting but otherwise very industrial strength tunes. “Danger” opens with a variety of peaks and valleys to prove that point but it’s also a very down the line song with a heavy pounding bass and a lot of brutal force behind it till the last note.

Opening with a number like that makes me think obvious single material is there without hearing the rest, but the tempo is kept up on “Scandalous” with one of the more familiar sounding songs without being able to put an exact finger on where you’ve heard it before. And whilst trying to figure that out you find it’s all down to the band full of top-notch rock players, three of them with great voices. In fact, everything about this song shines through every player and voice to be a pin-point moment to the credit of everyone involved.

“Feature” is the first single, and it’s reported to be about how social media effects people to the point where they become advertisers of themselves like a product just to stay ahead of the next person. And even how people will do it at any expense, without any gain but self- importance through sharing every move they make and every place they visit. It makes you reflect and want to reduce that because so many do it, and excess is always unnecessary. Just follow the lyrics to this one and you might reflect if you spend a lot of extra time on social media.


The hard part about this band is getting used to their name, but the music speaks for itself and their voices are second to none and the songs are well crafter. “Leash” ends the EP on a high note with some harmony vocals on the intro that entice to hear the rest, which gets mighty interesting and more experimental than the previous songs to even it out with a good balance of influences for this soulful rock band with an industrial sensibility. If you like the intro you’ll like the outro, which I’m glad to say put the icing on the cake for me.

by Bethany Page

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