Why You Should ditch the traditional wooden decks

The world today has gone far in terms of both technological evolution and climatic evolution. The world is changing at a fast speed and people want alternatives to things that have over the years destroyed the world’s environment.

The wooden decks seem so aesthetically pleasing but they are made from cutting down lots of trees and manufactured with the help of harmful chemicals. Hence over the years, people have worked towards finding alternates and they have in terms of composite deckings and compressed fiber cement.

Here are a few reasons you should ditch the traditional wooden decks and choose composite decking

Reason 1: Composite decking is environmental friendly

The composite decking is made of elements like plastic, PVC, thermosets, and wood sew. The composite decking doesn’t require trees to be cut down and makes use of plastic that would otherwise be lying on landfills. Hence they are a great option for those who intend to lessen their carbon footprint on the world

Reason 2: No chemicals

Unlike wooden decks which require a lot of harmful chemicals at the time of manufacturing and also for their maintenance. Composite decking does not require any chemicals at all and they can be easily cleaned with a wet towel or mop.

Reason 3:  They come in various colours

In olden times when wood was the only colour, there weren’t options to experiment. Now, composite decking can come in different colours and you can choose which one you want. For example for a modern house, ‘grey composite decking’ is perfect as the colour will be subtle yet outstandingly bring the rest of neutral colours well together.  Also for the kitchen, you can have lighter colours. You can also change colours from room to room or select colours as per your theme.

Reason 4: Various textures

However, if a wooden deck still is your option just because of the outlook. Then you don’t have to worry, you can get a wooden textured in composite decking. The look of the deck would be the same but you won’t have to maintain them as much as you would have to do to a wooden deck.

Reason 5: No mite’s infestation

The wooden deck is made of wood and installed in the open air so they are bound to attract mites that can infest your house. Also, they can have mould formation and due to their natural elements, they will decompose over a certain period. However, the composite decks have plastic which does not decompose so you can be assured that the look of the decks will not change.

Reason 6: Easy maintenance

Unlike, wooden decks that have to be maintained with the help of chemicals and  professional handyman may have to be hired to clean them. Composite decking is easy to maintain and you just need to clean it with a wet towel. Hence there is no extra cost on it once it is installed.

Reason 7: Durability

Unlike wooden decks which won’t last longer than 5 years, due to the natural decomposing elements with which they are composed. Composite decking can easily last a long period. They will not require you to re-seal or repaint them. Once you invest in it, for the next 15-25 years you’re free to enjoy it.

Reason 8: Easy installation

Wooden decks require a lot of preparation before they are installed and the installations take a long time. Hence you need a total of 2-3 days to completely install them. Whereas the composite decks can be installed within a day. The workers will come in the day and will be gone before sundown. The process is hassle-free and doesn’t consume much time.

The decks are especially used outdoor where people hold parties, celebrate events, have friends bbq parties in the fall and when family gathers to chat. A good deck means that you can enjoy the deck without having to be in constant fear that what would happen to the deck once something falls or a scratch comes.  Composite decking offers you everything wooden decks would not do and much more. Then why opt for wooden decks when you can go for the best option of composite decking.

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