INTERVIEW: The Vicious Vic

Hi The Vicious Vic! How are you?

I am doing well, thank you!

When/How did you start/get into making music?

I grew up with my older brother being the choir director at our dad’s church, and I was the drummer, so I automatically took a keen interest into the world of music, and what sounds good and what doesn’t. I discovered the in-depth art of rap through a church friend who had ripped Kanye Wests “graduation’ into his windows media player. Those were the days. Those songs opened my eyes to the intricacies of word play and storytelling. I started writing for fun and battling friends all through primary school and high school. It wasn’t until I came to college on a soccer scholarship that I got serious with it. I had injured myself badly in my first season in college and was ruled out for a while. In that frustration, I wrote a song called on my knees. The song was published by a major online and YouTube blog and got plenty of positive attention. It was in that moment that it dawned on me that I’ve always had this gift, and maybe it was time to take it seriously.

What is your greatest inspiration for your music?

Definitely scriptures man. I just find scriptures to be so relevant to daily life as I’ve discovered that it covers topics from life to death, money to girls…all the good stuff! Every time I read I am guaranteed to be hit by a new bangin’ idea.

What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about?

Definitely about the mistakes ive made in life, especially pertaining to my faith. Growing up I always tried to carry this persona of being morally perfect because that’s what everyone around me was doing, when in truth nobody was close to it. So writing about all my shortcomings is always a hard exercise for my subconscious, yet I know that the honesty in my stories can be a gamechanger for some kid who is also stuck where I was.
A good example of this is my song grace where I talk about how I played the drums, looked excellent on Sundays, and yet would watch porn before going to church. Bruh, that’s hard to talk about. Hahaha, its worth it though.

What is the greatest achievement you’ve ever accomplished?

In a musical perspective, Id say it would be getting playlisted by Spotify felt like a great achievement to me. Yes it may seem small, but the reason it meant a lot to me was because every time it happened id find my song sitting in playlists with 90 % artists who had  labels pushing their music for them, writing for them, budgets that would put my $30 studio microphone to shame. Yet despite all this, my music had been chosen purely off of how good it was. Tell me that isn’t dope!?

Are you planning on releasing new music soon?

Yes, this year I focused on releasing as many singles as possible. I plan on continuing that trend for one more year. You can expect a lot of out of the box bangers coming up as I will also be incorporating more of my Nigerian influence into my music. Who knows,  a 3 genre EP may just drop from the sky.

What is next for you?

2019 has been a year of experimenting with my approach to sound and audience. I feel like I have finally struck the sound that I’ve been looking for. Thus, the aim for next year is consistent quality, on each and every single release. The sound is evolving, the audience is growing, yet…the purpose stays the same.


Listen to The Vicious Vic here:

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