How to Use Ads to Become THE Local Service Provider in Your Industry

You’ve heard the phrase “if you build it, they will come.” But, that famous movie quote only defines one part of the battle.

With so much local competition, it isn’t enough to just build a business anymore. You need to leverage marketing and advertising to attract paying customers. It’s essential to establish which strategy will work best to help grow and promote your business online. Facebook is a powerful tool where you can use different approaches, but you have to know how to use them, as they usually seem similar. Still, they deliver different results. For instance, if you look for a boosted post vs ad, you will find a lot of information to help you decide which will help your business more.

As consumer habits change, the marketing industry works steadfast to keep up. Don’t get left in the dust with outdated marketing strategies!

Your local service deserves the best, and that means investing in an advertising strategy that converts leads into valuable customers.

Read on to uncover the secrets behind successful advertising campaigns.

Uncover the Right Marketing Channels

There’s a sea of marketing methods out there. You don’t need to leverage every social media network or piece of marketing material. What’s important is that you focus on the right marketing avenues for your local service.

As a small business owner, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Your marketing dollars will go the furthest with local advertising strategies.

According to recent stats, nearly half of all Google searches are local-based. That’s huge! Even better is that 72% of consumers will visit a local service after researching it online.

What’s the takeaway? You need a local marketing strategy ASAP!

Let’s take a deep dive into the best local advertising methods.

Types of Local Marketing Strategies

Local marketing has grown exponentially since the days of local newspaper ads, park bench advertising, billboards, and local TV commercials.

While traditional local advertising strategies still yield results, remember to take advantage of internet marketing too. Thankfully, online methods are both accessible and affordable for local services.

Start your local strategy with the following methods:

  • Create a Google My Business Listing

  • Add Your Business to Google Maps

  • Encourage customers to use Google Reviews

  • Set up a Facebook Page for your business

  • Implement a local Google Adwords Campaign

  • Build a local-friendly website

  • Enable click-to-call from Google

These methods work together to create a local marketing foundation to build upon. Let’s explore these strategies in-depth.

Google My Business

Leveraging Google’s “My Business” tools is, by far, the most accessible and affordable local marketing method.

It only takes minutes to set up a Google My Business Account. Make sure to have an official business phone number, professional email address, business address, and website before registering your account.

Google listings pop up on the first page of Google. These listings also feature your website, contact information, reviews, and descriptions of your business.

Make sure to enable the “click to call” option so customers can call you directly from Google!

Your Google listing will also appear in Google maps, so customers can quickly find you by car, bus, or foot. If you don’t have appointment hours, you can opt-out of appearing in Google Maps.

Another thing potential customers will see is your Google reviews. Encourage customers to review your business by leaving gentle reminders on receipts or store signage. User-generated content can go a long way.

Don’t forget to add lots of high-quality photos to your business listing. Photos give potential customers an inside look into your local service.

Create a Local Adwords Campaign

Adwords is another Google product that you can use for local marketing strategies.

Google Adwords is a type of PPC platform. PPC stands for pay-per-click. This type of marketing method is also called cost-per-click.

Adwords ads are those text ads you see above regular Google results. Adwords ads are a type of paid SEO, whereas regular search results are regarded as organic SEO. Ideally, you want a local SEO strategy that leverages both organic and paid methods.

You’ll need a professional website and preferred payment method to set up your Adwords account. Since you only pay when someone engages with your text ad, you’ll need to plan your budget accordingly.

How much you pay per click will depend on how much you bid on each keyword. Competitive keywords attract more significant bids, while low competition keywords are more affordable.

Scheduling is another factor to consider with Adwords. Don’t waste your Adwords budget by running ads at 3:00 AM. Plan your ads around your peak traffic times.

Create a Facebook Page for Your Local Service

Have you been on the fence about joining Facebook?

The social media giant is still one of the best marketing vehicles for local services. Avoiding Facebook could mean saying goodbye to valuable local leads.

Like Google tools, setting up a business Facebook page is relatively easy. First, you’ll need to register for a personal Facebook profile. This is the profile you’re going to use to register your business page.

You’ll need to pick the appropriate category for your business before registering.

Next, you’ll add your business contact information, mission statement, header image, logo, business photos, and a spotlight button. Your spotlight button can direct to your website, call your business, or lead to an app.

Like Google, Facebook followers can also leave reviews. Respond to all reviews, both positive and negative.

While it’s tempting to ignore negative reviews or lash out, don’t do it! Turn a negative into a positive by responding quickly to concerns and poor experiences.

Advanced Local Strategies

Once you get your starter local advertising out of the way, consider advanced methods to enhance your existing strategy.

Implement a proximity marketing strategy that targets consumers while they’re standing right in front of your business! This type of marketing is so advanced you can set up digital beacons to market to customers as they browse the aisles of your store.

Look more into these companies to discover what geofencing and other proximity strategies can do for your local service.

Discover More Local Advertising Opportunities

These local advertising tips are just the start.

Don’t sleep on your marketing responsibilities. Use this guide to uncover even more advertising opportunities for your local service.

Stop by often to discover the latest trends in the local marketing industry and how you can leverage these trends to supercharge your sales!

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  1. Great article and very true. Another tip is once your website is built look to do SEO or hire a local SEO company in you area or at minimum search the local keywords and see what directories appear on the first page and make sure you add your business website to them. For example, Yelp, or HomeAdvisor if in the contractor space, or WebMd if you are a local medical professional. A lot of industries have a local directory for their niche that shows up on the first page of Google you can leverage and most of a “free listing” because they then try to upsell you on their directory featured offerings.

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