Five Interior Design Tips for Your Home This Winter

Quoting Game of Thrones, “winter is coming!” With changing season, many of us want to update the interior of our house, especially women. In winter, everyone wants to have a cozy and warm environment. It indeed enhances the beauty of your home. In this article, we are going to share some simple tips and techniques for interior designing for winter.

  • Add warm Colors

Warm hues like brown or white, create a sense of comfort. You can add these colors in your house through paint, furnishing, upholstery and decorative pieces. You can also retile your floor to give a cozy look. One of the best tile company in Maitland & Poate. See here for their fantastic tile variety for any theme.

If you add brown color to your interior, it will create a natural sense of security and constancy. Brown leather lounge suites are a good way to add this natural feel to the room; they also add a level of luxury and sophistication but don’t come with other items or materials. This color gives a welcome feeling to everyone who will enter. You can mix some quaternary colors such as plum, pumpkin, amber, and buff with brown to generate warmth feeling. Combining brown with some tertiary colors such as purple, yellow, or orange will also work.

  • Control Natural and Artificial Lighting

Fashion your windows with beautiful curtains and drapes to block the natural light to enter your home. This way, the chilling scene outside will also hide. Use thick curtains with dark colors for your windows to distract the outer chill. Plantation shutters will also work. A new technology drapes, Motorized blinds can be an optimal solution to control the natural sunlight. You can quickly shut and pen these blinds with remote control.

Reducing the natural lighting and enhancing the soft artificial light will make your home cozy. Having some LED lamps with tertiary color bulbs, no doubt, will increase the warmth environment.

  • Place pillows and Heavy Knitted Blankets and Rugs around the Room

One of the top five trends in interior designing for the winter is to include a knitted blanket in your room. You know looking at a blanket around you, gives you a warm feeling. Moreover, it adds literal and figurative coziness to a room. Dress your sofa with a soft blanket and also place pillows on it. This is a good advice for renters as well, says, as it helps you feel more at home. It sure does create a cozy environment.

The fashion of Rugs will also make a plus point for a winter theme room. You can throw faux fur or simple rugs on the sofa or the floor, especially near the fireplace or a heater.

  • Place wood decorative around the room

The use of natural hardwood elements will add color to the coziness. You can place a wood table, small wood shelves, and wood ottomans in the room. You can also have some wood decorative to give a subjective view, such as a wooden clock, wooden photo frames, or wooden lamps. If you want to, you can retile your floor by hardwood tiles. You may also find some good Bible Verse wall art to lift up your spirit.

  • Rearrange your Furniture Flow

When designing your sofa and seating layout, try to have a circular or hexagonal arrangement. Avoid placing the furniture in a rectangular or square on even an I-shape. It promotes the feelings of uninviting.

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