Alcohol Monitoring Devices – Best Way to Detect Alcohol in Your Body

Alcohol monitoring devices are made to help you with effective alcohol detection through an easy testing system. These gadgets, such as, breathalyzers, measure the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) by means of an indirect measurement of alcohol content in breath and help you decide if your alcohol levels are safe enough to do an activity, such as, driving.

High quality alcohol monitoring products ensure accuracy, and are handy to maintain a safe environment around you by preventing alcohol addiction related injuries, accidents as well as crimes.

In fact, there a number of different types of alcohol monitor products and devices available for those who want to prevent themselves from all kind of unpleasant situations. Generally, an alcohol monitoring gadget has a very easy testing process and is quick to deliver the result whether you are in workplace, school, home or highways.

Effective Testing

Most alcohol monitoring devices are easy to use and provide fast results. Breathalyzers, for instance, are portable and hand-held gadgets made in different materials and a variety of designs. They are usually made with strong materials and can be used on fields and can withstand rough field conditions.

An alcohol monitoring device consists of three different parts i.e. a mouthpiece, two-glass vials with chemical reaction solution, and photocells for measuring color change.

Since most of alcohols monitoring devices are portable, you can easily put them into your pocket, purse or bag. Also, they can be easily carried to workplaces, companies, schools, industries, and other places for random alcohol monitoring and testing.


Alcohol monitoring devices offer a very easy method of testing alcohol through your breath. All you have to do is to blow into the mouthpiece and results will be displayed on the device’s screen within a few seconds.

Thanks to its easy use and portable nature, many companies have started utilizing the benefits of alcohol monitoring devices within their workplaces in order prevent disruptions during working hours.

Accurate Results

As mentioned earlier, alcohol monitoring devices provide accurate results within a few seconds.  The integrated alcohol detection sensor of the device is sensitive enough to detect alcohol presence with considerable accuracy of BAC.

Likewise, the sensor is strong enough to give accurate results for numerous times. In order to ensure the accuracy and quality, alcohol monitoring devices are passed through several strict quality requirements as well as quality assurance tests.

While portable alcohol monitoring gadgets come with considerable accuracy, there are many advanced types of breathalyzers, such as Alcosensor and Intoxiyzer that can detect alcohol presence with a much greater efficiency.

Handy for Police and Other Organizations

Alcohol abuses can cause various problems, such as absenteeism, low productivity, accidents, and unpleasant situations at workplaces, companies, factories and other industries. Similarly, there have been several reports of alcohol-addicted people have committed crimes, harmed or injured others and even themselves.

With super advance technology, alcohol monitoring systems and devices can conveniently help maintain a secure and productive environment at a workplace. Also, these devices tend to be very handy for departments like police.

Sadly, there is a large number of car accidents happen on roads and highways because of drunken driving. Many drivers drink and drive, putting their lives as well others at great risks. With such types of useful gadgets, they can also check their level of alcohol in their blood before starting their journey.

Similarly, fleet companies can also benefit from alcohol monitoring systems and devices for their drivers to ensure safety for their drivers, passengers as well as their goods and vehicles. Even the law enforcement officers use alcohol monitoring devices to check drunken drivers on the roads and highways.

The best part of alcohol monitoring systems and devices is that they provide a non-invasive way to detect alcohol in your body. They are also easy to use for those who are regular alcohol consumers and want to use a personal and inexpensive gadget to pre-examine themselves before doing work, driving, and other kinds of activities involving certain risks.

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