Winning Strategies To Conquer Escape Rooms

Melbourne is home to quite a few challenging escape rooms but with the right strategy, success is possible. Whether it’s a Japanese escape room in Brunswick or one set in outer space, a novice who knows what to do, can perform just as well as a veteran. As long as you keep the following tips in mind, not even the most creative setup will stump you.

Choose Your Group Well

When assembling an escape room group, select people you’re comfortable with and keep the size of your group between 4 to 6 people. Too few will make puzzle-solving impossible but too many will likely lead to utter chaos.

Arrive Early

Dealing with Melbourne’s traffic and lack of parking may stress you out before you even walk into the escape room. As such, you should try to arrive early so that you’re relaxed and can begin the game with a clear mind.

Be Positive

Strive to be confident but not overconfident when you start the game and do not get frustrated if a puzzle is taking longer than expected to solve. If you’re playing with strangers, be friendly, cooperative and enthusiastic.

Know the Rules

Every escape room has a different set of rules and knowing them will prevent disruptions and errors that will result in confusion and possibly even lost time and momentum. You should also be aware of other related things such as the number of clues you get.

Watch the Clock

Time flies especially when you’re having fun in an escape room, so keep a close eye on the timer especially when it comes to deciding when to ask for a clue.

Remain Determined

The mental challenge of solving an escape room can lead to frustration but do not let your doubts get to you. Stay focused and don’t hesitate to ask for help if necessary.

Communicate Clearly

It’s not enough to be observant; if you or your teammate see something you think is important, point it out and share your thoughts. Talking things through and working together are the keys to success.

Share the Load

While leadership is usually important in group efforts, everyone should be allowed to play a part in the escape room as some people are just better suited for certain types of puzzles.

Use the Clues

Getting stuck on a puzzle is almost inevitable but a smart player knows when to ask for help. If you’ve spent longer than 5-10 minutes on a single step or a game master is encouraging you to use a clue, do it.

At the end of the day, escape rooms are meant to be fun experiences and while victory is ideal, the true goal is to have a good time. Don’t let your failure to beat it ruin that for you; just laugh it off and make plans to try again another day. If you feel better prepared to tackle an escape room after reading this article, give any one of the award-winning escape rooms in Brunswick a try!

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