What is GPS Tracking Device & What is Best GPS Tracking Software?

A vehicle is one of the most valuable assets of our life. Considering the importance of cars and other vehicles, we should have a check on them more closely. For example, where is your car right now? Or where did you park in a huge parking basement? Or if your older child is driving safely or not? But do not worry because the technology of today can solve every problem of yours. To know about such stuff about your car, technology has a gift for you of the GPS tracking device. Let have a brief introduction about GPS trackers.

GPS Tracking device

A GPS tracking device is a device that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track your vehicle. It can assist you in determining every movement of your car and the location of it. GPS tracking device uses a network of satellites to locate your vehicle. Real-time GPS trackers allow you to have instant speed and site data. Moreover, you can set some alarm to go whenever a driver speeds up or departs from a specific area. Traffic police and other officers use this feature of GPS to track a person or vehicle. Some of the best GPS tracking devices are:

  • Yepzone One Personal

  • Spy Tec Mini portable STI-GL300

  • Pod 2

  • Motosafety

  • Amcrest AM-GL300

  • Spot Trace Anti-Theft

  • Monster Magnetics Mini-Mag 2

There are different manufacturers of GPS trackers. One of the top manufacturer is ATrack GPS Trackers Company. We will discuss more details about Atrack GPS trackers in other article.

Best GPS Tracking Software

After installing a GPS tracking device in your car, you need to download a GPS tracking software to access all the tracking features. Some of the best and easy to use tracking software are as follows:

  1. US Fleet Tracking

First on our list is US Fleet Tracking, which was founded in 2005. This software will generate reports in which it will tell about aggregated statistics. These statistics will include aggressive driving, speeding, speed idling, starts & stops, and distance of the vehicle from a specific area. Moreover, you can check for weather and traffic through the software.

  1. Geotab

GeoTab is one of the best and secure application to download on your mobile for GPS tracking. It can allow you to manage the driver logs and vehicle reports for inspection. You can check if there was an accident or causality with the car. Plus, the security system is incredible. No one with proper verification of ID can access your car’s information. Beside it, it provides many other features.

  1. Onfleet

With Onfleet, you can easily manage and analyze the local deliveries. Its features include a simple dashboard, filters, and search, real-time alerts, color-coded statuses, messages automatically delivered to customers, intuitive routing, monitoring of crucial matrix accurate ETAs, and several combined applications, etc.

  1. Fleet Maintenance Pro

Last but not least is Fleet Maintenance Pro. It is another one of the best applications for GPS tracking. Users also found this software easy to use. The main features it provides are preemptive maintenance, repair maintenance, monitoring of an unlimited number of the vehicle, fuel recordings, history recording, work orders, and excellent reporting.


GPS tracking device is an excellent gift of technology. By using it, you will not have trouble finding your car and taking care of it. Once you install it in your car, your vehicle is safer than before.

All the software mentioned above is the best application for GPS tracking. Installing one of them in your PC will not let you regret it. They provide amazing features. Plus point is that they are not even difficult to use. One can quickly learn the scheme of it.

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