The new MOT certificate makes fixing cars a lot easier

Post the Brexit announcement, there were a lot of conversations about the MOT and how it should be scrapped. The argument being made was that the test was old, it had a high success rate with people not even making an effort to work on their cars, many of the tests didn’t go through all the features of the car, and the new cars found themselves clearing the test easily. The DOT which was instrumental for implementing the MOT felt that the test had a lot of pros that outweighed the cons mentioned and through that, it would make sense to alter and improve the test instead of scrapping it.

The test was changed and the first batch of vehicles that went through it saw a one third failure rate. More than 10 million cars had to redo the test if they wanted to continue driving on the roads. This was proof that the tests had now become a lot tougher and asked for and covered areas of the car that were ignored earlier.

The MOT clearance certificate was also redesigned and it had a lot more information on it. Earlier, it only stated whether a car had cleared or not, now there were various other sections. When vehicles went through the MOT test, they would be informed of the various aspects of the car that needed work and the over state of the car. The fives rating points were dangerous, major, minor, advisory and pass.

The first two ‘dangerous’ and ‘major’ indicated that there was something wrong with the vehicle that could be an issue for the person driving the vehicle or others. In either case, the vehicle would have to work on the issues and go through the test again since they would fail the test if they didn’t. They would then have to get a new date and apply for the MOT again.

If a vehicle fell in the ‘minor’ category, it means that there was an issue with it and it had to get it sorted at the soonest but it was not life-threatening. ‘Advisory’ meant that the driver could have an issue in future but didn’t have to worry about it for the moment and ‘pass’ meant that it was good and had to stay the same way till the next test.

The new certificates also made changes to incorporate all the information from the past work handled on the car. The history, modifications, accidents, and other changes played a large role and were mentioned on the certificate. The status of the car was also written down so owners would know what fixes need to be handled the next time around.

Certain cars were exempt from MOT altogether. Vehicles over 40 years old didn’t have to go through the MOT at all. These, however, had to make sure that they weren’t substantially changed otherwise they would need a report mentioning the work done on them.

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