The Difference between a Gambling Problem and Gambling For Fun

There comes a time when gambling for entertainment turns into a destructive obsession. Too much of anything is poison, and sometimes little is more. This phenomenon is applicable to every aspect of life, and gambling is no exception. Contrary to common sense and addicted morbid gamblers have that x-factor working in spite of losing. They continue their game in the hope of recovering the losses in a big fat win.

The Difference

The Difference between a Gambling Problem and Gambling for Fun is the inability of a gambler to stop at the right moment to avoid devastation and frustration.

Gamblers with prevailing common sense will stop gambling when the reach doorstep of doomsday.

A person with gambling addiction have distorted, and unreasonable belief, about chances of winning a jackpot, is immensely probable. This conviction gets the dice rolling, and makes them inept at stopping at the right moment.

The “hot hand myth” and the “gamblers’ fallacy” are two physiological factors that affect a gambler`s behavior. The “hot hand myth” is a belief system where a person starts thinking the series of wins will continue forever, and they possess a special skill of winning even in games of chances. The “gamblers’ fallacy” convinces one`s mind that win will be followed by loss and vice versa; this the circle which will go on repeating. They decline to distinguish each game of chance is independent of the previous one. They start to believe it is a chain of occurrence, a string of wins followed lose and vice versa like a thread of one black and one white pearl, consecutively.

Why losing is Fun?

It is common to experience euphoria when one wins. Winning and foreseeing more windfalls release hormone “dopamine,” which gives the thrill and pleasure. But while losing, the audiovisual spur acts as the chemical to continue with the game, immersing one`s common sense. The “hot hand myth” makes the gambler believe he has a special skill, even in the games of mere chances. But modern marketing strategy and advertising plan tempt and persuade people to play more and bet more money. Bonuses, wagering, and progressive jackpots are few strategies to allure a gambler to play more. The web site design of casinos with lots of bells and whistles gives a feel-good factor even one is losing.

Four signs

There are four signs which show gambling has become an addiction.When one gamble not for fun, but to escape the harsh reality which prevails around him. It is a gateway to fantasy, fleeing from stress and anxiety one is experiencing for various reasons. Gambling becomes an instrument to pay the debt one has taken. They want to get rid of the abusive behavior of lenders and want a debt-free environment to live happily. The intention is noble, but the path is slippery. A grave addiction to Situs Judi Online gambling forces one to steal from family and friends. Most addicted persons take gambling as an extra income source to pay off credit card debts, car, or home loan. Job loss also acts as a catalyst for more gambling. Gambling is not a sin but overdoing, and it can ruin one emotionally and financially.

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