Rare but Cool AF: White Ink Work

White ink tattoos are not common and despite the name, it is not simply using a white coloring of the skin. They are rare and can be difficult to notice. Often, this type of tattoo needs to be shown to the observer by the wearer.

They are not something most tattoo artists like to do, but when they’re done right, this style can be exceptional and beautiful. All tattooing takes a great deal of care when performing. White ink tattoo artistry takes a little extra care.

Maintenance of your White Ink Tattoo

Keeping your white ink tattoo in its original state and style is challenging too. They will require that intensive care and tender monitoring. But they do come with something traditional tattoos don’t: distinction.

White ink tattoos are different from traditional tattoo inking as they set themselves apart from the norm. But adding dimension to your white ink tattoo design is what really gets the inking community talking. White ink tattooing looks great on white or darker skin.

The white is high in radiance so this gives it that feel of dimension. Furthermore, it is possible to combine black ink tattooing with white by having lighter, whiter borders. This gives the effect of a halo. White ink tattooing will heal and when this happens it will raise the surrounding skin. It is the white pigmentation that produces enough light to see the dimension of the tattoo in all its glory.

That 3D Look

It may appear like a scar or have a 3D effect to the observer. This can be a good thing if you work in an office where tattoos are not a cool look. You see, showing off a tattoo – as you might at the public pool or beach – is not something you might do if you have a white ink design. They are inconspicuous to the distant observer and can only be noticed by those in close proximity.

White ink tattoos do not have as much saturation as traditional ones. It is because of this, they cannot be observed as easily. Many West Coast-based tattoo artists are a little apprehensive about white tattoo art. They do tell clients about the healing process and how they cannot be “touched-up.”

They also point out the needle goes in deeper than usual and the skin needs to be stretched more than in traditional ink art.

This post was written by J Michael Taylor. J Michael Taylor is an artist and owner of Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery. Black Amethyst is a tattoo shop St Petersburg Fl. They provide an art-first approach to custom tattooing in a gallery setting.

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