High Impact Skirmish Sports

Introduction of Skirmish Sport

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, Skirmish means a trivial fight in a war usually incidental to more significant movements. Skirmish sports refers to a competitive team shooting game. In such games, players eliminate the opponent team’s player by shooting at them with paintballs, plastic balls, or infrared laser beams.

The players of these games are called skirmishers. Skirmishers use weapon guns to shoot at their opponents. Their primary purpose is to guard their territory, fellow skirmishers, and themselves. If any of the skirmishers get hit, he is considered out of the game. These games can be played indoor as well as outdoor. Vast fields or big halls are arranged to play these games. Then, those areas are scattered with natural or artificial terrain.

What are the High Impact Skirmish Sports?

A high impact sport means a physical activity or sport, which can cause severe injury or trauma of weight-bearing joints such as the knee, foot, or hip. As Skirmish sports include shooting, you can have an idea that anybody can get hurt in the game. These games are not as high impact as scrimmage sports, but they do some harm.

There are three Skirmish sports in total, and two of them are high impact sports. Airsoft and Paintball are the top impact games, but Laser Tag is not as dangerous as the weapon in this game uses harmless infrared laser beams. On the other hand, paintballs and small plastic balls are used as bullets in Paintball and Airsoft, respectively. To see more differences between Paintball and Airsoft, click on Blue Paint Logic. For now, let see why these two games are high impact sports.

  • Airsoft

In Airsoft, plastic balls are used as bullets to shoot at the enemy. If hit on exposed skin, these balls leave a red mark. The guns used in these games are magazine-fed with spring charged systems.

Many manufacturers suggest treating Airsoft guns like a real gun. This will increase safety from any negligent shot to an unknown target. A special pair of Ballistic eyewear is used while playing this game because wearing regular sunglasses or goggles will not secure your eyes.

  • Paintball

Paintball is a skirmish game in which player eliminates their opponents by hitting them with a weapon of paintballs. Paintballs are Sphere capsules filled with dye gelatin, which break upon impact. Paintballs are shot by using air weapons of low energy and known as a paintball marker.

The injury rate to paintball skirmishers has been estimated as 44 injuries per 100000 skirmishers per year. Research by Minnesota Paintball Association has argued that paintball is one of the safest sport. It also says that the injury rate is just 20 per 100,000 participants. In 2003, 24 patients with eye injuries presenting to the emergency department. 5 out of those 24 stated that they get injured while playing paintball.

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