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If you are a pet owner, then you know that there are several regular checks you need to perform on your animals to see if their health is in the best condition. There is one check that many pet owners overlooked, but essential to perform is to weigh your animal. If you take your pets to a veterinary doctor, you will see that one of the first things they do is weight your dog or cat. The overweight or underweight conditions can disclose that your pet is not in good condition.

There are a variety of pet scales available in the market. You can buy them online, or you can go to a local pet shop or weighing machine shop to get one. It is appreciated that you have one in your house for your pet. It is a tricky thing to buy a weighing scale for your cat or dog when several kinds of scales are out there.

One of the best scale to measure the weight of your animal is Tree Vet Scales. In this article, we are presenting you with all possible information about a tree vet scale. Let go through a brief introduction to this.

Tree Vet Scales

Tree scales are one of the best measurement scales available in the market. The LW measurement LLC Company manufactures them. They provide all sorts of weighing scales. One of their most significant invention until now is Tree Scales. LW Company produces many kinds of tree scales, including vet scales, medical scales, balance machines, and NTEP.

Tree Vet Scale is a weighing machine that is designed to measure the weight of your cat or dog. This machine will assist you in keeping track of your pet’s health. It is reliable and can show the result with precision and accuracy. The hardware is made in such a way that the weight of your pet can not break it. The bottom is stable so that your pet can easily manage to stand on it.

There are several models of Tree vet scales are available now. Some of the primary and common features of them are as follows:

  • Capacity

Although different versions of tree vet scales have different capacities, the normal capacity of a tree vet scale is 700 x 0.2 lbs. But if you have a small pet, the LC-VS-400 will be best for you. its capacity is 400 x 0.1 lbs.

  • Rubber mat

The base of the scale is made of rubber. It makes it easy and comfy for your pets to stand or sit on it for measurement.

  • Battery

All the models of tree vet scales have an excellent battery that will not create a problem for you for a long time. These scales have a 6 x Asize battery, 9V DC included.

Some other main features include

  • Maximum display division is 4000

  • 1 inch LCD with backlight

  • 10 HZ of AD speed

  • ANYCAL Calibration software

  • Rubber rollers and handles

  • AC adapter and six dry AA cells

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