PlayStation 4 Repair Experts, In HDMI, WLOD, and BLOD

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is undoubtedly the most popular gaming console among people of all age groups. Released in late 2013, Sony has sold a whopping 100 million units of PS4 worldwide. With such a large part of the population possessing this console, loads of errors frequently occur because, after all, it is a machine, and they occasionally malfunction. The standard warranty that comes with the console lasts only for a year, and an abundance of issues with the ps4 may occur long after that warranty expires.

To tackle this concern, PlayStation 4 Repair Shop has introduced a simple solution, where you hardly have to leave the comfort of your seat. The procedure is pretty simple. Firstly, call the designated number on the website or fill out the form to initiate the process. They will get back to you through a call or email, and send a ticket number accompanying the repair confirmation. Soon the console will be picked up and then, hopefully, delivered in a few days depending on the condition that you have ordered a mail-in repair. The process concludes with paying for the service directly or online, usually in the manner with which the console was brought or delivered. Now we’ll bexamining the most common issues that occur with the PS4 and determine which of them require urgent repair.


Starting with the most common and easily repairable issue, the problem with PS4’s HDMI port fills a countless number of online forums, with people searching for solutions. If your TV screen stays black consistently then it is advised to check a few things before calling in the experts:

  • Check if your TV supports the resolution set on the PS4

  • Search the TV for any potential hardware damage

  • Examine the HDMI cable to find any bends or breaks, and preferably test it with another device.

If the issue persists, then it is time to visit the website and call a professional to repair the HDMI port or other pieces of hardware that may have faced some damage. This issue is also known as “WLOD” because damaged HDMI ports prompt the console to display a white light with no signals on your display.


The Blue Light Of Death is the more dreaded issue that you may encounter with your PS4. It can be identified easily as the symptoms include a blinking blue light on the console with no signals on the display screen. There is a vast array of elements that could have prompted this error. The main causes include faulty TVs, damaged power supplies, or software errors. It is better to let a professional handle this, but if you’re curious, then a few simple steps can be followed for simpler fixes. It includes examining the interior of the PS4 to check the placement of the hardware or any visible damage to the power supply. If the error is not solved, then contact the labs through the website mentioned above for reliable repairs.

Consoles like our beloved PS4 will always face some unexpected errors, but that is just a part of the experience. If you sense uneasiness while looking for fixes, then leave it to the professionals because they affordably provide impeccable standards of repair.

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