How Artists Score Unbelievable Numbers Of SoundCloud Plays

Well, if you are a music artist, then I am hoping that you will also be following some of the big names of music industry. And there are some differences which separate you, and the top artist you see in various charts and on award ceremonies.

But what are those differences? What are the things, which turn the game above its head? Well, I guess that it’s the popularity that they have got, and you haven’t. Isn’t it? Yes, it is.

The popularity which moves ahead and then has it branches. The branches and divisions provide revenue, likes, fan following, etc., to the top artist and here’s where a budding talent is not up to the mark. But then again, it’s not your fault and you can also make your way up to the top.

If we think about the ways in which these SoundCloud masters are able to score unbelievable numbers of plays, then what are the methods which they use? Let’s have a look at all of them.

Artists and their Special ways

If you are an established music artist, then it’s quite possible to do somethings, which a normal person may not be able to do.

They have their own ways of promoting music, and their tracks.

  • They have huge fan bases over social media platforms. They have millions of fans over platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

And posting regular stuff over those platforms is also something which favours them. Instagram is very famous for visual stuff, and artists know that. They hire graphic designers in order to get more likes over their social media accounts. And their pics are very eye-catching and, in that way, they get a lot of organic followers.

Over all those platforms, they also link their SoundCloud profile, and that’s how organic followers, etc. head over to their page and play their tracks.

When millions of users’ head towards the link, then it’s obvious that the artist will end up scoring more plays.

  • Apart from that, it has also been noticed that they have a lot of contacts and connections. Artists know celebrities, and they are familiar with the process of marketing. For an artist, it’s not very difficult to ask a celebrity to promote his songs.

They can pay a large amount of money to the celebrity and even he or she will not disagree over that fact.

That’s the same case, even with influencers. Social media influencers, have made a lot of money by promoting stuff for other people. They get the points, which they have to bring out in front of the public, and by doing so, they make a hell lot of money from the brand.

So, this is another factor where the artists are ahead than the normal user.

  • Sometimes, the game isn’t as simple as it appears. Artists also use some other tricks and methods to score a greater number of plays.

Artists also buy SoundCloud plays, in order to appear at the top of every chart.

In today’s scenario, it’s quite clear that there is a huge demand for plays, and considering that demand, some sellers have come up with the idea of selling it. You can follow to website of Plays Wiz in a click to get a bundle for yourself if you’d like to. Well, it’s no surprise to say that companies like them have already sold a lot. Therefore, this is one such method, which the artists use. That’s how you see the large number of plays, likes, comments, etc. on their profiles.

  • Artists make a lot of money. And a major portion of that money, is spent over branding and marketing. They hire professionals and experts, who manage their work and increase their online visibility. That’s also a reason why, they have overflowing fans.

Creating great websites, business cards, brand logos, etc., are some of the ways which they use in order to get more plays.

There is no doubt that SoundCloud is one of the coolest platforms for artists, creators and musicians. The more views, likes and engagements you are able to generate on the platform, the better will your chances of earning revenues become.

This is why it is important that as an artist, you are able to increase soundcloud followers by following certain specialised marketing activities. This will help you in developing your personal brand and allow you to earn handsomely from the platform.

And with their high-quality professional work too, they manage to get hold of most of the plays.


These are some of the ways in which artists and the top music creators score plays, likes on a platform such as SoundCloud. And they are able to succeed, with these methods.

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