6 tips to optimize your marketing strategy with Instagram

Instagram is a social network for sharing photos, launched in 2013. This application is one of the most influential social networks, with more than 600 million monthly users, and around 400 million users each day.

Instagram is very attractive for companies that want to go to a young target and have visual content to publish. Recall that 53% of Instagram users are between 18 and 29 years old. Instagram is pushing companies to gain visibility, improve their audience with a higher engagement rate and have a better approach to their target.

Why should your marketplace use Instagram?

In April 2007, Instagram passed the 700 million active users each month. This platform is primarily based on the commitment of these users. The vast majority of instagrammers use this network to find inspiration and / or visuals on topics that interest them. The use of hashtags accentuates this characteristic. 53% of users follow the brands that interest them, a boon to those companies that use instagram as a marketing platform to illustrate their values ​​and products. The engagement rate of a brand on Instagram is 10 times higher than on Facebook, and 84 times more important than on Twitter.

In this article, find 6 tips to succeed your marketing strategy with Instagram.

1. Maximize your chances with your Bio

The profile of your business should match the image you want to give. It should catch the attention of users who will come to visit your profile and allow them to clearly identify your brand. First, the profile picture is what allows your target to identify you quickly. Most often, this is the company logo. Users must recognize your brand at first glance. Your bio must be less than 150 characters. Your mission here is to be clear and conceived.

2. Create creative publications

Instagram was not created to sell products, but for very different needs. This platform is there to help you build a relationship with your target. This relationship is even stronger on Instagram, with the sharing of visual content always more attractive. Offer relevant, original and inspiring content for your target. Feel free to use filters, and explore different visual angles for photos.

The harmony of colors is essential for an engaging Instagram account. When sharing visuals, think about what your users would like to see. And above all, after each publication follow the statistics of view, likes and comments. This will let you know which types of visuals are the most engaging and popular. You might need to buy Instagram views.

3. Hashtags

Instagram allows you to use hashtags to link your content to a specific topic. By using these hashtags, your message will be broadcast to a wider audience. It is advisable to use between 5 to 10 hashtags per publication. Remember that your hashtags are the keywords of your message, you must position yourself on it and also on the interests of your target.

4. Be committed to your community

To build a relationship with your users, you will need to show interest in your community.

How? ‘Or’ What?

Answering questions, liking content, commenting, etc. Thanks to this, your community will be able to notice a real interest on your part and thus this one will show more commitment to your brand. Be on the lookout, and keep a constant eye on your Instagram profile. Instagram can also mention people in your photos and videos. Feel free to use this feature, it will help you to improve your notoriety.

5. Promote your sellers’ offers

What better audience than Instagram to promote the latest offers available on your marketplace or to honor one of the members of your community of buyers or sellers.

6. Schedule of publications

On instagram, as on any other social network, it is necessary to follow a regular rhythm of publication. The higher your publication frequency, the more your visibility will grow. Instagram has an algorithm that will allow your community to see your posts most often if you publish content frequently.

The more publications you make, the more subscribers you will grow.

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