What are the best dry herb Vaporizers this Christmas?

Once again, it’s the time of year where we begin to countdown the days until Christmas and make new year resolutions. Many of the smokers amongst us, will try once again, to quit smoking tobacco for good.

One way to make quitting easier is to substitute cigarettes for vaporizers.

We asked Vape Elevate which cannabis vaporizers should be on your Christmas list this year.

Firefly 2 Plus

The original Firefly 2 plus received rave reviews but it also had its detractors. The vaping community complained that it suffered from too high a draw resistance and the battery life was poor. Well, it looks like Firefly listened and the new version of the Firefly 2 fixes both these problems. We’re left with an almost perfect cannabis vaporizer.

What makes the Firefly 2 Plus a great vaporizer? Two words: On-demand Heating. Most dry herb vaporizers are session vaporizers. This means they can take upwards of two minutes to heat up. The Firefly 2 Plus heats up as soon as you raise it to your lips; within three seconds.

This is the future of Dry Herb Vaping.

Crafty Plus Vaporizer

The original Crafty is now over five years old and it was beginning to show. As a result, Storz & Bickel have released the upgraded Crafty Plus. To be honest, this vaporizer represents more of a refresh than an evolution. However, this is fine because the Crafty is known for providing some of the best vaping experiences in the business

What makes the Crafty Plus a great vaporizer?: The Crafty Plus retains the original’s mythical air cooling unit.

Vapour needs high temperatures to be created. Unfortunately, high temperatures are bad for nice flavours. Storz and Bickel solved this problem by placing an air cooling unit between the Crafty’s mouthpiece and oven. It forces the vapour over special ridges which causes the vapour to drop in temperature before it reaches your lips

Pax 3

The Pax 3 is the elder of these herbal vaporizers and has topped ‘best of’ lists since 2016. Nonetheless, it is still the vaping world’s best-looking device. It is made from a single sheet of adonized aluminium, has not protruding parts and its only button is hidden under the mouthpiece.

There is simply, no sleeker vaporizer.

What makes the Pax 3 a great vaporizer?: All three of the vaporizers in this list have apps that connect to your phone via Bluetooth in order to access extra features such as precise temperature control.

The Pax 3 turns this customizability up a notch with the ability to set and create vaping modes.

Vaping modes allows you to choose between four different modes that affect your vaping session in different ways. They are:

Stealth: When you want to vape in private

Efficiency: Perfect for ensuring maximum extraction

Boost: When you want to squeeze every last cannabinoid out of your herbs

Flavour: This mode priorities tase over the volume of the cloud.

The result is that no vaping experience is the same.

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