FILV & Edmofo Turn Up With “Clandestine”

Dropping through B1 Recordings this week is “Clandestina,” a reimagined version of the original created by FILV & Edmofo, with vocals from Emma Peters. With huge commercial success since its release in 2016, the new cut has already seen huge Shazam success in Eastern Europe as well as landing Number 14 in the global charts.

Emma Peters vocals glide atop a rich production of a craving bassline and dynamic synths. As the chorus finally bursts into life, all the melodic layers that were dormant before form into an effortless harmony.  Singing to her lover to not play with her as “the cocaine, cocaine,” already broke her heart. Her world fell apart; she has seen “destinies [being] sacrificed” and her loved ones have been taken away from her as a consequence of the madness of drug trafficking. She’s now a clandestine, a “clandestina in Miami.”

FILV & Edmofo have once again produce that loved dance floor sound yet again with ‘Clandestina’ – take a listen for yourself below.

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