Consequences of Plagiarism in Essay Writing

For many students, plagiarism seems to be an easy way to deal with college assignments. That is no wonder since academic life might be very busy and combining it with social commitments can become a real challenge. Yet, not all students, especially freshmen, realize how harsh the consequences of using someone else’s work may be.

In fact, plagiarism can be damaging not only to the student who did it, but to the reputation of the tutor, college/university, and, on a bigger scale, even to the economy of the country.

Everyone knows that plagiarism is wrong in the academic world, but many students are still trying to commit it hoping that they will not get caught. What consequences can you expect to face if you use another person’s ideas?

#1. Your work may not be accepted and you will be required to write a new essay.

#2. Your student’s reputation will be damaged and your future papers will be scrutinized more than before.

#3. You may lose the opportunity to resubmit your essay and this will influence your grades.

#4. Plagiarism allegations may result in a failed course and even a loss of a degree.

#5. You may have to face an unpleasant situation when you’re publicly shamed.

#6. Your actions might become upsetting for your tutor, your friends, and your family.

#7. You might be suspended or expelled from college (in some cases permanently).

Why Do Students Plagiarize?

Obviously, there are students who are either lazy or irresponsible and the idea of stealing passages of other people’s work may seem logical to them. Yet, the reasons why learners decide that plagiarism is the best way to approach the academic assignments are numerous and we will list only some of them:

  • Lack of writing experience;

  • High workload;

  • Tight deadlines;

  • Writing skills are not good enough;

  • A student has a part-time job;

  • Some subjects might not bring value;

  • Lack of proper tuition;

  • Some courses may be too difficult;

  • Family commitments;

  •  Personal issues.

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Essay Writing?

Plagiarism may be deliberate but it can also be unintentional. It is possible that the student simply doesn’t know how to properly credit the sources. Then, we have an important question to answer – what can you do to avoid being blamed for plagiarism?

1. Make Sure You Keep Track of the Sources You Used

Whenever you use an idea or a quotation, note down all the information with regards to the source that you took the information from. It might seem burdensome, but it needs to be done if you don’t want to be blamed for cheating.

2. Learn How to Quote Correctly

Depending on the type of essay that you need to write, make sure you know what formatting style should be used. If you doubt whether you use quotations correctly, conduct your own research or try to communicate with your tutor in order to clarify the issue. Besides, there are citation machines, which can be very handy once you learn how to use them.

3. Use an Automated Plagiarism Checker

Even if you’re sure that you didn’t steal anyone’s thoughts or ideas, use a plagiarism checker, which can help you spot paraphrased parts of the text or missing citations. An automated online checker will show you similar sections and this will help you avoid embarrassment and confusion when you face your tutor. It might be quite hard to convince your instructor that your plagiarism is unintentional so it’s better to check yourself first.

4. Ask for Professional Help

Writing a quality essay may be a challenge, especially if you’re a freshman. Being expelled from college for plagiarism is never an option so you may try contacting expert writing services with the request “Write My Essays”. They use professional software and they can guarantee that the texts that they handle are 100% authentic. That is a very convenient way to avoid any consequences of plagiarism, which, as we described above, can be very harsh.

Is It Bad to Plagiarize?

There is nothing wrong with your determination to stay in college, to graduate, and have a successful career, no matter what obstacles you need to deal with. Yet, plagiarizing someone else’s work is definitely not an option of how to save the situation when you struggle with a difficult assignment. Obviously, there is a chance that you won’t be caught, but why risk your reputation and even future career? Use our pieces of advice on how to avoid plagiarism, study well, and impress everyone with excellent grades.

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