Small Business Outsourcing: 7 Tasks You Could Be Outsourcing Right Now

Running a small business is fulfilling, but it doesn’t come without worries. To ensure profits remain steady, you need to keep a close eye on expenditures.

Only 70% of small businesses survive for more than three years. To avoid becoming a part of the 30% that fails, you may want to think about small business outsourcing.

Outsourcers take a lot of the workload away from your staff and also save you money. However, you need to decide which tasks are best performed off-site.

To help you out, we’re going over seven functions you should consider handing off to professional outsourcers.

  1. Accounting

Every business needs an accounting department to keep finances in line. Unfortunately, this task is extremely time-consuming and costly.

Bookkeeping professionals help keep track of accounts receivable and payable. There also must be a reliable invoicing procedure in place for your business. All these tasks require trained professionals, and that means you’ll need to pay high salaries.

Instead, think about outsourcing your accounting needs. There are plenty of reliable companies that specialize in managing full-scale financial operations.

In addition to keeping a close eye on your accounts,  these professionals will ensure your business remains current on tax laws and state regulations.  This will provide you with peace of mind and also allow you to trim your budget. You may also look for a good contract software management.

  1. Customer Service

If you sell goods and services, providing customer support is a necessity. If you don’t assist your customers when they have a problem, you risk losing them.

Operating your own customer service department is a huge challenge. In fact, it’s almost like running another business. This isn’t realistic for small organizations.

Working with a customer service outsourcing company is the perfect solution. These companies staff professional customer service reps that can be the backbone of your business.

You may feel like outsourcing customer support will make your business seem generic to your customers. However, professionals service agents will learn everything about your organization. They’ll even work with you to ensure they understand your brand’s voice.

You can choose the type of outsourcing to fit your needs. Call center reps can handle issues over the phone. You can also take advantage of virtual assistants who help customers via chat.

  1. Marketing

Your business can’t grow without consistent marketing campaigns. Doing this in-house is costly and difficult to pull off.

Consider outsourcing your marketing efforts to an outside agency. This comes with many benefits.

Many agencies operate as a one-stop solution for businesses needing help. They have content writers, web developers, SEO specialists, and graphic designers on hand. They’ll also set you up with an account manager who can discuss your options with you.

The best thing about outsourcing your marketing is you get industry professionals at your disposal. These are people who dedicate their careers to marketing. You’ll likely see positive results right away.

Another huge advantage is you can enter into a contract that suits your needs.

  1. IT Support

Most businesses today need ongoing IT support. Computers are key to almost all business operations.

An IT professional needs to be on hand at all times. As a small business, this is a very expensive luxury. The industry-standard salary for IT professionals is very high.

In addition, on-site IT support requires equipment and space. Outsourcing this crucial task is much more logical.

An IT firm can set up your network and ensure it runs smoothly, all from an off-site location. They can also provide tight security so you’re not left vulnerable to cyber attacks.

If you need a professional to come in and help with your computers and network, they can send a representative. That’s why it’s important to work with a local outsourcing firm.

  1. Payroll

Even small business payroll departments have a ton of responsibility. This is a critical function that requires constant work and strict attention to detail.

If you have more than 20 employees, you should consider outsourcing payroll. This will help take a lot of the workload off you. Outsourcing to professionals also ensures everything stays organized.

A payroll professional doesn’t only pay employees every two months. They have to track time, bonuses, taxes, and benefits.

An outsourcer will devote their time to keeping all payroll procedures in order. This means you’ll never have an embarrassing issue with an employee’s check.

  1. Administrative Service

Little things like setting appointments and returning emails can take up tons of time. They can also make it impossible to concentrate on daily operations.

Instead of hiring a full-time administrative assistant, opt for outsourcing this task. This will free up a lot of your time for more important things. It also costs less.

An administrative outsourcing service will take and deliver messages, send emails on your behalf, and set appointments. Then, they’ll ensure you have all the essential information at the end of the day.

You can also take advantage of an automated virtual assistant to help you out. This is a type of software that does all the menial administrative stuff for you.

  1. Creative Projects

Do you often find you need creative support for projects? This could mean graphic designers, videographers, or writers.

Many small businesses try to do this kind of work in-house. The results are often subpar.

Next time you have a need for any type of creative service, consider hiring a temporary freelancer. This is a great way to get professional expertise at a low cost.

An advantage of working with freelancers is you can hire them for individual projects. You don’t have to sign a six-month contract or hire a new staff member.

If you find someone who works out well, keep them in mind for future projects.

Use These Small Business Outsourcing Solutions

Trimming the fat is important for most small business operations. If you don’t cut costs where you can, you risk eating into your profits.

Consider small business outsourcing for the tasks discussed above and streamline your operation today.

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