RuneScape 3 vs. Old School RuneScape – What is RuneMetrics?

Now there’s the new version of Old School RuneScape, which still appeals a lot of folks to play the old massive MMO title in modern style. You may know that both versions have different features like RuneScape 3 was released in 2014 with revised orchestra soundtracks, new customization options, friendly user-interface, and new camera controls. Old School RuneScape is the previous version released in 2007, fully loaded with original content, social networking, challenging gameplay, and more. The question is that which one is worthwhile for you to spend your hard-earned RuneScape 3 Gold? According to a survey, the majority of players found RuneScape 3 enjoyable that OSRS.

What Makes RS3 better than OSRS?

RuneScape 3 is much better than the original version just because of two factors, such as PvM and Quality of Life. The improved version introduces the quality of life, and it means the skill action interface is automatically crafting every item available at your disposal, rather than having to click to start over and over again that’s not fun. The game features a variety of things that you can use to extend your trip to bosses, including:

  • Soul Split

  • Block Necklaces

  • Summoning Pets

  • Legendary Pets

The second major factor is PvM (also known as Player versus Environment), which allows players to experience the ability-based combat to engage themselves in more exciting and entertaining boss encounters. Following the way, the conflict has much more fun, and it requires both skills and planning to overcome the boss. In advance version, bosses have unique abilities that you can adapt to counter or respond to quickly. Players from all over the world have an opportunity to navigate the fully detailed environment from a third-person perspective, interact with each other, make guild and go against enemies to slay them and earn OSRS Gold (also known as RS07 Gold) to unlock additional content.

What is RuneMetrics?

It is an analytics tool introduced in RuneScape 3 video game in 2016. In actuality, it is the replacement of the Adventure’s Log. Using this feature, players can access the following items, such as:

  • An Experience Tracker

  • Drop Log

  • Basic Website Functions

It spans two parts, and each has varied features, such as RuneMetrics and RuneMetrics Pro. The first one is free, while to access the pro version you need to buy RS07 Gold and then purchase the pro tool. When your subscription ends up, only for two weeks your data will be available after that your data will be lost. RuneMetrics Pro has all features of free version, as well as dozens of new. With paid tool, you can obtain XP Tracker, which displays your XP points based on the previous window of 5-minute, as well as tracker will show ETA for time to level.

It also contains Combat XP Tracker that you can use to check total damage, as well as damage per minute. It doesn’t reset when you change beasts. Similar to the previous tracker, the paid version reveals a new wealth tracker that will count total loss per hour. It includes that lost or gained from accomplishing transactions and clue scrolls on the Great Exchange.

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