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“Aromatherapy is a caring, hands-on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body and soul.” Robert Tisserand, the founder of the Tisserand Institute, defines the application of aromatherapy perfectly in the quote above. This sort of treatment had gained popularity in recent years, albeit the term was introduced way back in 1937 by Rene-Maurice Gattefoss when he discovered its impressive healing properties. Inevitably, the market became saturated with several brands manufacturing their line of oil diffusers to be utilized in aromatherapy. Oil diffusers are integral for the treatment to be effective. Thus, we will be listing their most significant features that contribute to the satisfaction of customers.

Diffusion Rate

The decent diffusion rate is vital for any oil diffuser to generate sales and success. Different customers prefer their time interval after which a diffuser will disperse the oil. The time interval will be dependant on the strength of aromatherapy and the duration which you want the diffuser to function in without the need of a refill.

Automatic Shutoff

Aromatherapy induces a state of comfort, which may lower your awareness to an extent where you forget to power off the diffuser and not only will the essential oil run out, the diffuser itself may overheat and be damaged.

Water Capacity

Occasionally, you may want to experience the aroma for a longer duration without decreasing its strength, and diffusers with a larger water capacity can fulfil this request. The minimum capacity is 100 ml, although brands are continually working to increase this number efficiently.

Design & Lights

No customer intends to ruin their home’s setting by purchasing a bulky and unappealing product. Thus, the top companies are keen to produce diffusers with exquisite designs. The inclusion of LEDs can only enhance the design and most companies have already integrated them into their oil diffuser


Certain people intend to use the diffuser in their bedrooms, while others set them in spacious living rooms. Different areas will require a product with a suitable size. Ignoring this particular feature can decrease the efficiency of the therapy substantially so always be aware of the size of your purchase.


Any product which contains oil as a significant contributor will inevitably face issues in clearing the nozzles that it has clogged. It is essential to pick a product that is easily dismantled and assembled to save precious time and effort that it takes to clean the dozens of nozzles.

It is evident that this product has saturated the market, and it is difficult to find all the features in one brand. Thankfully, your search for the best aromatherapy diffuser is over as is offering a wide range of oil diffusers with different combinations of the features that we have mentioned above. They already have 1000+ satisfied customers that have appreciated the effort it took to manufacture such useful products.

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