Are you dealing with flea infestation? Think again

Fleas are tiny, reddish-brown insects that move around our places like these creepies disgusting the owners. They are the parasites that feed off the blood of humans and animals.

A home infested with fleas is a nightmare turned to reality that makes your living impossible inside your own house.

Most flea infestations take place in houses that have pets. Your pet might bring in the pests into your house and since they are extremely small, it is difficult to spot them from the naked eye. However, once the number of fleas increases substantially, you will be able to see them on your furniture and rugs.

Fleas can survive in extreme weather conditions and also possess armoured bodies that prevent them from being crushed while thriving in your house’s carpets. Detecting signs of a possible infestation is, therefore, very important to take timely action. Once the home is infested completely, it will become very difficult to get rid of the fleas.

Thus, let me list out certain telltale signs of a possible flea infestation in your house to help you prevent it from amplifying:

Inspect your pets

Your pets are the main carriers of fleas inside your house. No, they don’t do it on purpose, the parasites tend to breed on the pet’s fur. These eggs will fall from your pet’s coat throughout different spots in your house and soon mature into fleas. This entire process will repeat itself until eventually there are hundreds of fleas living in the same house as you.

Considering the fact that a female flea can lay up to fifty eggs in a single day, the day isn’t far when you will be sleeping on a bed of fleas.

Before it’s too late, check your pet for signs of a possible flea infection – scratching frequently, rapid hair loss, increased restlessness and constant shaking of their heads. If you notice your pet having any of these symptoms, immediately inspect it for fleas.

You can use a flea comb to check if your pet is having fleas. Comb your pet’s head, neck, back, and tail. If you spot any fleas or flea dirt on its body while combing, immediately provide proper treatment to your pet.

Inspect the carpets and rugs

To determine if there are fleas living on your carpets and rugs, you need to conduct a simple experiment- wear a pair of knee-high white socks. Walk over the carpets for a couple of minutes. Then, use a flashlight to inspect your socks. If you detect any live fleas stuck to them, it implies that your house is suffering from an infestation.

Immediately toss the socks in a bowl of hot water to kill all the live fleas. Wash your carpets and rugs properly to kill all the fleas present in them.

Inspect your house for flea dirt

Flea dirt looks like coffee grounds. Check your house thoroughly for it. In case you find something similar to it but are not entirely sure that it is flea dirt, put in in hot water. If it turns red, then it is definitely flea dirt.

Give special attention to the places where your pet spends most of its time. These places are more likely to contain flea dirt than others.

Check for mysterious bumps on your skin

Once the fleas enter your house through your pet, it is only a matter of time before they seek out another host to survive.

Flea bites are cause small red bumps on your skin. These bumps are often mildly irritating but if in more volume, they can be seriously annoying. The bumps will usually occur in clusters on your feet, ankles, and arms. In case you find these bumps on your body, it signifies that there are fleas on your sheets, couch or any other place you spend the majority of your time.

Dealing with a flea infestation in its early stages is very easy compared to when it has increased exponentially. Try to keep a check on your pet for infestations. Also, follow the above tips and check for fleas in your house at a regular period of time. There are several ways to control fleas, you just have to try.

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