Thanksgiving: The Holiday Pop Culture Forgot

Halloween has come and gone. During the leadup to that holiday, you see all sorts of Halloween-related commercials. Sometimes they are selling candy or whatever, but oftentimes they are still selling, like, cars, but with skeletons or ghosts or whatever. Now, in early November, we’ve already started getting inundated with Christmas ads. We will be seeing them for weeks. They are straight-up selling stuff with a Christmas flair. I’m not into it, even though I like Christmas. We saw Halloween episodes of TV shows, and horror movies for the season. Christmas episodes are coming, and so are Christmas movies. However, there is a big holiday in the middle getting completely overlooked, and that’s Thanksgiving.

Unless you watch Food Network, Thanksgiving can come and go with little to no cultural impact. Basically, the day of you can watch the NFL and see some turkey-related stuff. There’s the Macy’s parade…which ends with Santa. It’s a big holiday we basically all celebrate, but it just doesn’t get its pop culture due.

You don’t really see ads with a Thanksgiving feel. Then, there’s the dearth of TV episodes built around the holiday. Every sitcom does a Halloween episode and a Christmas episode, it seems. Even if it’s not every year, they touch base on those two. In between, we basically never get a Thanksgiving episode. It’s odd, because it’s such a good holiday for it. People gather to eat a big meal! You’d think it’d be a family show staple.

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Off the top of my head, I can only think of two Thanksgiving episodes of TV shows, though I know there are more out there. There’s “Bart vs. Thanksgiving,” the only Simpsons episode about Thanksgiving I can think of. I feel like another couple touch on it, but they are Thanksgiving episodes. Then, there is the one episode of The Bob Newhart Show, which I brought up last week in my binge recommendation. Friends apparently did a lot of them, but I never really liked Friends, so they were lost on me. Oh, I just remembered the one Frasier episode about Thanksgiving! That one is really good.

My point stands, though. Thanksgiving is overlooked, and that’s even truer now. We as a society basically jump from Halloween to Christmas. I get why marketers do it. Christmas is a commercial holiday. People buy stuff. All people buy for Thanksgiving is good. Thanksgiving is being erased from pop culture by our obsession with Christmas. That’s a shame. I like Thanksgiving, and I want it to get its due. Let’s see more Thanksgiving-related ads! Let’s see some more TV episodes about Turkey Day! Maybe we could even get a movie about Thanksgiving! There is almost two months between Halloween and Christmas every year. We should make the most of it.

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