Scientists Discovered How to Last Longer in Bed: This Is What They Found!

As many as 33% of men say they’ve experienced premature ejaculation at some point in their lives.

While it’s perfectly normal to have this problem occasionally, it can be embarrassing. And if it frequently happens, then it can be frustrating.

If you’re wondering how to last longer in bed, then read on. We’ll give you all the secrets!

Masturbate a Few Hours Beforehand

If you know you’re going to have sex because you’re meeting up with your partner later on in the evening, something you can try is masturbating a few hours before you do.

When you’ve already ejaculated fairly recently, this will help you not be as sensitive while having sex. This can prevent premature ejaculation in some cases.

Use Condoms

Most people dislike using condoms because it decreases sensitivity for sex. But in the case of premature ejaculation, this is a good thing. When your penis isn’t as sensitive, then you won’t get to the finish line as quickly.

Some brands have numbing creams in them; you’ll usually find the label of “climax control.” These can help you even further to last longer in bed.

Do Kegel Exercises

The pubococcygeus muscles are directly related to ejaculating; if you can train them, it can help with your issues.

To do Kegel exercises, try stopping midstream when you’re urinating. Those muscles that you use to do so are the pubococcygeus muscles.

Tense those muscles for 3 seconds and relax for 3 seconds. Do 3 sets of 10 holds per day to strengthen these muscles.

Indulge in Other Types of Sexual Activity

If you have trouble lasting because of penetrative activity, you can incorporate other types of sexual activity so you can cool off while you still satisfy your partner.

For instance, if the two of you are into urine play, you can use the Whizzinator to simulate real urination without doing it for real. Or if you’re into light BDSM, you can spank or whip your partner.

Have a discussion about what sexual activities the two of you are interested in and make an effort to add them to your sex life. Not only will they help you last longer, but they can also make things more interesting.

Get Counseling

Sometimes, premature ejaculation occurs because of psychological issues you may be dealing with. Talking to a professional can help you sort it out and get you the proper tools to deal with them.

For example, you may be stressed or anxious about sex. A professional therapist can teach you techniques for deep breathing and relaxing so you can fully enjoy sex.

Knowing How to Last Longer in Bed Will Improve Your Sex Life

By knowing how to last longer in bed, this can improve your sex life dramatically. By trying out the methods we’ve listed above, you can fight premature ejaculation and get the love life you’ve always wanted.

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