Jeff Goldblum Has Another Jazz Album, But To What End?

Jeff Goldblum has cultivated quite the aura around himself. Make no mistake, it is an act of cultivation. That’s totally fine, by the way. He’s a celebrity, he’s an actor, he’s a public figure. It seems like he enjoys it, and it seems like there is clearly sincerity there. Jeff Goldblum, the cult figure and internet darling, does feed the beast, but he still feels like he’s himself. I don’t think we’re being played, but also Goldblum knows entirely what he’s doing, and it works.

His acting talent, though it is plentiful, isn’t the reason he’s so beloved and adored. It’s not the reason why every talk show loves having him as a guest, and why I saw him on, oh, a dozen YouTube shows last time he had something to promote. People love seeing Goldblum be Goldblum, whatever that truly encompasses.

You know the deal. He stammers and makes little noises. He gesticulates wildly. He fidgets and fusses and never stops moving. He uses unusual words and says eccentric things. It’s the kind of personality that leads to you being an unusual sex symbol online, even if that is the result of saying you find Goldblum attractive is now one of those same, internet-verified ways to pretend to be quirky online. It’s zeitgeist-sanctioned quirkiness.

All of this is a long windup to say that Goldblum has a jazz album out. It’s the second album for him and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. The new album is called I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This. Mostly, he plays the piano. This may disappoint people who are checking out the album out of the curiosity of hearing a Jeff Goldblum jazz album. They play standards and a bunch of guest singers appear. The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra does a lot of the heavy lifting, while Goldblum shows that he’s more than an actor, but a talented pianist.

You do get to hear some people with great voices, like Sharon Van Etten, on the album. Fiona Apple is there. So is Miley Cyrus. Then, for one song, “Little Man, You’ve Had a Busy Day,” it’s all about Goldblum. And then you’ve heard Jeff Goldblum sing a jazz standard from the ‘30s. And then…life goes on?

I’m not entirely sure who I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This is for. Jazz fans, perhaps? I myself am not necessarily a fan of the genre. I was here for the curiosity. I was here because I was told Jeff Goldblum had a jazz album, and he’s the guy who starred in The Fly and shows up in Wes Anderson movies. If you love jazz, sure, why not check it out. There is a lot of talent in it. If you love the man, well, unless you also love jazz expect to be disappointed. I know you wanted to shout your affinity for him from the internet rooftops to be part of the memes and all that stuff. You can draw a line somewhere, though. Nobody will judge you too harshly.

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